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Jul 22, 2009 03:50 PM

KC, MO Patios (Kansas City)

Who would you think has the best patios in KC, MO? I love the patio at McCoy's and at Harry's Bar & Tables, but being new to the area I haven't experienced many of them.

Also, does anybody know of a patio around here that has TVs so that one could watch a baseball/football game outside?

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  1. La Bodega has some tables out front on the sidewalk and a good deal on happy hour (1/2 price tapas & sangria, 4-6pm weekdays, 2-4pm Sat.).

    Thomas on 39th St. has upper deck tables and I love their Buttermilk Cider Chicken dish.

    I haven't been, but have been hearing about Westside Local Restaurant & Beer Garden, near 17th & Summit. People say great beer selection and good food.

    1. Don't miss the patio at the back of Cafe des Amis in Parkville. It's literally up in the trees. It is complete heaven and very romantic. TV.....don't go there.

      Another patio constantly raved about is Cafe Trio next to the American Century building down by the Plaza.

      1. Grand Street Cafe (plaza area) has a big patio
        Fred P. Otts has a small patio (plaza, has tv's inside)..I likeit because it is rarely busy, kind of hidden behind some shrubs and they have good fried pickles!

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          I loved the patio at Otts, before they changed that corner. It used to be a good place to people watch, but hardly anyone walks past there anymore.

        2. Thanks for the input - 7 places isn't bad, but I had hoped for more! Eating/drinking on a patio is definitely one of my favorite pasttimes. I've wanted to try La Bodega, just haven't gotten around to it - the outdoor seating there is a good addition, but not necessarily what I had in mind. Haven't heard of Thomas, but I like the idea. Beer gardens can be awesome, so I will check Westside out for sure. Cafe des Amis sounds great (anywhere French is a must for me to try), and Cafe Trio, based on their menu, has been one of my "to dos" for a while. Can't say that I'm a huge Plaza fan. I've visited McCoy's patio, which is great in the shade, but there seems to be a ridiculous amount of motorcycles that deafen you in that area. Harry's Bar & Tables has a cool, relaxed patio that I liked as well.

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            No TV but check out the patio and barbecue at Woodyard. An old shack on Merriam Drive with a patio and smoker out front. Good ribs too.

            1. re: jhojati

              Adding that you were particularly looking for ones that hat TVs may have kept some people from posting other ones. People often remember mostly the last thing they read.

              1. re: KansasTravel

                Good point. Let me clarify - I'd like to know of ANY patios. If you know of ones with TVs, bonus points. I won't really care until the fall, when football is on and the Cubs bomb in the playoffs...

                1. re: jhojati

                  I believe Extra/Virgin has outside seating - excellent food. It hasn't been patio weather the times we've gone - so I can't comment on the outdoor atmosphere.

                  The Cashew also has outdoor seating - though I am not a fan.

                  Cafe des amis does have a lovely treehouse-like deck, however, the food has been a bit hit and miss for me. They did have a fantastic champagne cocktail last Summer that made me want to go back for that alone.

                  Doesn't Le Fou Frog also have outdoor seating? Again..only been there in off-patio season.

                  Of course, none of these have TVs - though there may be one behind the bar at The Cashew.

                  O'Dowd's at Zona Rosa has a rooftop patios with 2 TVs. Not sure about the Plaza location.

                  And let's try and have little bit better attitude about my Cubbies. ;o)

                  1. re: Mushroom

                    LOL, love the Cubs here too. Wish WGN came in HD in KC, but oh well. I do have so that is always nice. I love sitting outside, eating wings and/or pizza, and watching the Cubs or the Hawkeyes...

                    Le Fou Frog does have a patio, though the location of Le Fou Frog doesn't make me really want to eat outside, as there isn't much going on around there. A plus is that it's only like 2 blocks from where I live.

                    Speaking of, Winslow's has a great patio, but it's unfortunate that their food just isn't very good (same goes for Bo Ling's, as far as I'm concerned).

                    1. re: jhojati

                      You don't like the dim sum at Bo Ling's?

                      1. re: KansasTravel

                        I will admit I've eaten there only once, and did not know they have dim sum. I ordered pad thai (I know, bad choice for a Chinese restaurant), and my wife ordered a Chinese noodle dish. We also ordered a roll of sushi (I know, another bad choice). Pad thai was cloyingly sweet, sushi had no taste at all, and my wife's noodle dish seemed to lack any definitive flavor/direction. I will go back, I'm sure, given that it's close and it's gotten pretty consistent reviews, and now that I know they have dim sum.

                        1. re: jhojati

                          The Dim Sum is on Saturday and Sunday. I'm not sure if it is at everyone of their locations. I've done on the Plaza and Metcalf & 91st Street.

                          1. re: jhojati

                            jhojati, go early for dim sum when you go. They open at 11 am and the carts are freshly stocked, nothing with a wrapper has been oversteamed at that point, and nothing has run out. Depending on whether it's a holiday or common family get together time, they're also usually less crowded early. One has to be strategic for the best dim sum experience, you know!

                    2. re: jhojati

                      Aixois in Brookside has a great patio overlooking the Trolley Trail, and they have pretty decent French Food. I tend to like it better for lunch (their salads, sandwiches tend to be tastier than their entrees).

                      For game watching, there are two good choices. Both are "bar food" type menus, but the food is pretty solid, and there are plenty of TVs:

                      The Brooksider in Brookside (patio is next to a parking lot, but it is climate controlled in colder months (ie: football season), and open all year)

                      810 Zone at 119th and Roe

                2. I really love Lill's patio... we had such a nice relaxing lunch there on a Friday off a while back, and the food was excellent.

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                  1. re: Katie Nell

                    Sorry if I missed it, did you post more specifics on the food? We had a really bad meal there in Feb or March. Service was great and I love the space, but I can't see going back with the food we had (bad, overpriced cheese plate; some gross watery spinach tortilla things; very nice lamb chops though).

                    I scanned this thread quickly, didn't see The Farmhouse at 3rd or 4th and Delaware, which must also be close to you. Mixed reviews (my sandwich was pretty good), but nice patio for sure.

                    1. re: Aaron Deacon

                      Farmhouse has a great, tree-shaded shaded patio. No tvs and not a lot of foot traffic.

                      1. re: Aaron Deacon

                        No, I didn't post about it. I've only been there once, for lunch like I said, but I sampled two salads and they were both very good- my steak (in the salad) was cooked perfectly to my liking (medium rare), and the lettuces were very fresh and had just the right amount of dressing- the dressings were light and refreshing. In fact, my friend had a cilantro dressing on hers which I liked very much, surprising myself as I'm not a huge fan of cilantro- just very subtle. I just hadn't enjoyed a lunch that much in a long time- maybe everything just came together right for me that day, but I'm anxious to go back and try some of their tapas.

                        1. re: Katie Nell

                          Cool, thanks, do report back. The lamb we had was cooked a perfect medium rare too, so maybe at least they do grilled/broiled meat consistently well. Good to hear on the salads too.