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Three Dinners in Portland

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I will be visiting portland from philadelphia for three nights towards the end of august and am curious to know what would be your choices for three standout dinners. Price is not really any concern, I'm just looking to eat the best three meals I possibly can since I've never been to Portland and don't know if I will be able to return any time soon. Any style of food.

Any other suggestions would definitely be appreciated, but right now I'm focusing on nightly meals. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Definitely put Pok Pok on your radar!

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      I would definately put Toro Bravo on that list - a spanish tapas bar with great food and a lively atmosphere.

      1. I really enjoyed my dinner at Sel Gris on a trip to Portland last month. We sat at the counter, watched the kitchen and were served by Chef Mondok personally. Highly recommended.

        1. ciao vito. on ne alberta. its great food great vibe. i really like it there. open kitchen , fresh ingredients simply made tasting fantastic. good wines.

          1. Thanks for your suggestions so for. If you have anymore, please keep 'em coming

            1. Sel Gris...at the chef's counter
              Wildwood...at the chef's counter (you can tell I love watching people cook!)

              Apizza Scholls will be the best pizza you've had perhaps ever...if that is what you want for dinner.
              Higgin's is always highly rated, but I find it disappointing.

              1. Paley's Place for sure, Andina (peruvian) is great, Bastas on NW 21st, as far as pizza goes we prefer Escape from New York on NW 23rd to Apizza scholls. Roma Ristorante on SW 12th for quiet, excruciatingly good Italian food lunch. I think Pok Pok is a must because of all the buzz but have't been there myself.

                1. While I would say that Beast, Paley's Place and Sel Gris are your best bet for three fine-dining meals, those aren't necessarily the places I would go if I were visiting Portland for the first time and likely not soon to return, as you would think that Portland were nothing but fine dining, whereas Portland's greatest gift to its citizens is that eating well can be had by all.

                  This is by no means meant to dissuade you from the first three, all of whom are excellent.

                  Something among Laurelhurst Market, Pok Pok, Clyde Common, Tanuki and Toro Bravo would be my suggestion. And the restaurant that I've been spending most of my time is more known for their drinks but has kickass food to boot: Beaker and Flask.

                  Clyde Common
                  1014 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97205

                  Pok Pok
                  3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

                  413 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

                  Toro Bravo
                  120 NE Russell St, A Portland, OR

                  Laurelhurst Market
                  3155 East Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97232