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Coming in August: CRMR at Home (Calgary)

Looks like CRMR is opening a catering business/food shop next to Cilantro in August. http://www.crmr.com/pdf/press/CRMR-at... definitely worth a look... especially with our upcoming move out of town. :)

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  1. Very interesting. A great company.

    1. Great news! would love to get some of their elk ham.

      1. This was The Point tavern? If so, major upgrade! It has had a building permit posted for maybe 2 years now. Great to see.

        1. Was very glad to get this email yesterday from Rocky Mountain myself! I can't wait!

          1. According to a bit in Friday's Swerve CRMR at home is open now. Any news? Wondering if its worth the drive.


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              It is open and up and running and quite well stocked. The day I went I picked up some mushroom soup - a bit too peppery for my taste, and some peanut butter cookies - just because they were fresh baked and the place smelled of cookies. Yummy! They carry a lot of the same pantry products that you can find at Bite and some enticing treats too! They are within walking distance for me so I am pleased - especially as parking is an issue. I picked up a jar of melon/mustard and it is amazing. I had tried it at Buffalo Mountain Lodge and am very pleased that I can now buy it a bit closer to home. I am looking forward to trying some more of their specialty items - Cilantro pizza, stock, bison, cheesecake etc.

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                Sounds great higgika. I'll have to bring the cooler and stock up. There's a bison store in Red Deer but as far as I can tell nothing like Bite or CRMR at home.

                Thanks for the info. I haven't seen you around here in awhile(maybe I missed your posts but it seems like months?) - glad to know you're still around. :)

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                  It has been quite a while. I golf in the summer and I am obsessed. Thanks for noticing. It makes me feel appreciated :) Had dinner at the Ranche - part of CRMR group - and have to post as it was so much better than I had expected.

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                  I popped in last week and was really pleased with the space and the pantry items. I spoke with the manager and asked alot about the wild game they farm and there practises etc. I was really thrilled to see frozen pear and stilton pizza's! mmm and fresh pasta that looked nice too.

                  JM > the space is actually the other side of Cilantro within a larger building (apt or an office tower) It would be nice is they sold wine here too!

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                    BIN 905 is just a couple of blocks away and I believe belongs to the same group.

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                      I just got an email back from the manager - I had written to ask about a product list, parking etc. There are apparently two spaces out front and space in the Cilantro lot(I imagine they mean after lunch/before the dinner rush). She also mentioned they have baguette fresh daily from their bakery in Canmore. I asked about the soups and there'll be regulars and seasonal ones once they figure out what's popular. Their website is still in development and they'll eventually get more product info up soon.

                3. Finally got to CRMR at home today. Easily found parking on that stretch of 17th. They have a great selection of game meats, spices, teas, coffee (Mainly Illy as far as I could see so they could do better in that respect), prepared food - soups, stocks etc and a small selection of espresso/coffee cups and other kitchen gear. Since I already have too many kitchen gadgets and we're all recovering from some kind of bug I opted to pick up some of their Bison Barley Soup. It's thawing in the fridge so I'll report back later.

                  The facade of the building is still being worked on (looks like finishing touches, signage etc) staff were very friendly and helpful. Pricepoint is on par with Sunterra and the like.

                  Other goodies I took home: frozen croissant dough from A Ladybug Bakery & Cafe, golden beets and shallots from the Blush Lane store. :)

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                    MS- they also carry Cafe Umbria, which is most of their restaurants. It's a nice bean.

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                      Hey John,
                      what is your Fav bean?

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                        Missed that thanks JM. I was at Ladybug later, staff said they were using a JJBean Guatemalan...had a french press - wasn't wowed but then I'm still stuffed up. I still have some beans or I might have picked some up. Any thoughts on JJ? (still trying to find a source for good beans out here but thats a subject for another thread)

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                          Jerry- it varies, I have a lot of choice here now. I make mostly espresso at home and if you asked me this question 5 years ago, the answer was simply: Big Mountain. Before that I'd have them bag me beans at Second Cup. Today, the situation here has changed completely. I'd say that one thing to always look for is a roast date on the bag so that you know you're not buying beans that weren't roasted more than say 2 weeks ago. This automatically removes all Euro beans (ALL of them, even Illy and Lavazza et al) from the running. Don't get confused and instead buy "best before" dated beans like Starbucks, because you have no idea what the ROAST date is on those. It could have been 6, 9, even 12 months after roast.

                          I used to love a very dark, full city+ roast, but over the years have acquired a taste for light espressos which we have in abundance now, but if you want a roast-dated dark espresso I recommend you get the beans from behind the counter at Beano and ask what the roast date is (it's on the 5-lb bar bags); Beano espresso might be dark but it's at least very fresh; they do such huge volume there that they are never pulling anything more than three or four days old. Oh, the house espresso at Artigiano is, I should mention, quite dark by "third wave" standards, one of the darkest blends you can find from 49th Parallel roasters, and it's absolutely roast dated, so if you like dark you might try that as well.

                          Now I, as I say, prefer a lighter roast and insist, as you always should, on (1) knowing roast dates and (2) only purchasing beans roasted less then 2 weeks ago, or a month at the very latest, and given that I have a lot of choice these days. You'd be hard-pressed to find any beans on the shelves at Kawa that are more than 10 days old and if you're there on Thursday afternoons when they get their shipments from 49th Parallel, which is roasted in Vancouver, it's only TWO days post roast, which is actually TOO fresh. Kawa sells other beans and it's always a fun surprise to see what they have in stock that day; I just had the last of a Ritual Coffee Roasters Guatemalan espresso from SF; they got a 5 lb bag to try it out.

                          But getting back to my favourite- it depends! I have had good luck with all of the following:
                          49th Parallel Epic Espresso (Vancouver), available at Kawa Espresso Bar, Java Jamboree, and Bumpy's
                          JJ Bean Espresso JJ (Vancouver), at Bumpy's and Ladybug
                          Terroir Espresso (not sure of the name/blend/origin; roasted in Boston) from Caffe Rosso
                          Intelligentsia Black Cat (Chicago) from DeVille
                          Phil and Sebastian Espresso (not sure what the label is, but it's roasted by the boys in Calgary) at P&S only, for now.
                          Fratello Competition Blend Espresso (Calgary), available from Fratello and it's the house espresso at Insomnia and the new Caffe Crema in the far south. I might mention that the new Good Earth "Latin American Blend" is also from Fratello and it's nothing like the very dark house espresso that they'd been selling for many years; I don't know how customers are liking it but it's a nice espresso and, I've found, a delicious brewed coffee as well.

                          I'm not a fan, for some reason, of the "organic" labels from JJ or Intelly; in fact I just dumped a half lb of JJ's organic Nero because I couldn't get a good cup out of it.

                          I like the Umbria I've had, purchased at Bite Groceteria, but... they don't roast date.

                          One more thing- "espresso" is more of a suggestion than anything; these days "drip" or "clover" (etc) beans are used for espresso and vice versa. A REALLY light bean will always be a sour espresso, but I find that any "espresso" can make a decent, sometimes an excellent, press or drip too.