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Jul 22, 2009 02:54 PM

What can you not live without from Costco?

Never bought them before, but after seeing prices for dried mushrooms in Italy, I'm thinking that tub of them at Costco is calling my name.

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  1. Those large plastic jars of nut meats; pork ribs; coffee; artichoke hearts; baking powder (when it's available) and tasting everything they offer at those sampler stations.

    1. Aceto basalmic vinegar and organic extra virgin olive oil and org. spinach. Not to mention, Costco has the best bread in Juneau, AK- how sad is that? Sorry Silverbow.

      1. sundried tomato jars
        big rolls of plastic wrap and sandwich bags
        organic butter (just a bit cheaper there)
        brown eggs
        chicken stock cartons and canned tomatoes
        dried nuts during the holidays
        cases of beer when i have a get-together

        1. Never shop there, never will.
          Now if you were to ask the same of Trader Joes, the answer would be EVERYTHING. I do 85% of my grocery shopping there!

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          1. re: Salty_Loves_Sweet

            It's not an "either / or" between Costco and TJ. We shop both for different thing and love them both.

            1. re: dpan

              Couldn't agree more. Both have their place in our household. Our dogs would turn on us if we ever stopped getting those big bags of chicken jerky strips.

            2. re: Salty_Loves_Sweet

              "Never shop there, never will'

              Really? I'm curious why not?

              I'm on my way tomorrow to buy the big bags of lemons...
              Big blocks of Tillamook cheese
              Bags of pinenuts that I keep in the freezer
              Bags of dried cherries/cranberries
              Sunsweet dried plums
              Kirkland brand fruit and nut medley....great for hiking.
              Of course the Hebrew National hotdog and drink at the end of my shopping.

              1. re: latindancer

                I've got one of the 50-oz bags of dried plums (FKA prunes) right here in my office. Great as part of a healthy snack.

                NB: This is one of the products that has Kirkland above the well-known name brand.

            3. Oh, let me count the items that I love from Costco.....

              red meat, especially for grinding into hamburger
              lamb chops butchered in house
              steak tips
              prime rib eye steaks

              Greek feta cheese
              Parmesian and Romano chunks
              Swiss slices for sandwiches
              That triple cream which I can only buy when there will be tons of people in the house so I don't eat it all by myself.

              Great prices when in season for Haddock and Wild Alaska salmon. Eat one meal and then smoke.
              Smoked salmon when it isn't salmon season

              Those bags of lemons and limes. Great price; if we can't use them before they start going bad, I juice and freeze them in ice cube trays

              Other stuff
              olive oil
              pacific chicken broth for those lazy days
              5 lb bags of spinach
              toilet paper
              paper towels
              prescription drugs
              window blinds [still have 12 windows to go]

              And then the occasional treats:
              Stacy pita chips
              Sabra hummus
              la vache qui rie cheese