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Jul 22, 2009 02:52 PM

Bunky's Seafood and Raw Bar melbourne,Fl

I try to never say bad things about a restaurant,unless it is truly a terrible experience.

I would also give a place another try,and usually speak to the manager.

This was an institution from the first days of People magazine and the tv program.

Part of the surfer culture of the beaches,east of Orlando,for four decades..

TV would film shuckin' contests,and folks brought the next generation of the family there.

Good local beach music,moderate prices,and a word of mouth legend.

Always crowds,but they made you appreciate being there.

Last week, my kids,brought their familys back to vacation,and naturally had to go to Bunky's.

They must have been sold,as they made an overnight move,about five miles south.

The place looked and smelled bad.

The minimal help looked and acted like they should be working the late shift at the bus station.

I guess since business is bad for them,rather than promoting hard,they just raised prices to compensate for lost business.

The service was atrocious and the food was worse.

Won't be long until they are gone,but it was truly sad and a real loss to the east central florida beach environment.


Tom and Barbara

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  1. It was sold BEFORE the move but you are correct even though it has been going downhill for years now it is at an all time low since the move. New owner must be trying to cash in on the name.