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Jul 22, 2009 02:42 PM

Just moved back to Pasadena

I've just moved back to Pasadena; - in fact 1 block from Old Town Pasadena. I want to hear from all of you what places you think I should have a meal at and what should I order from there. Would love to hear your recommendations.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Daisy Mint

    Daisy Mint
    1218 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

    1. Daisy Mint: Daisy Noodles, Daisy Salmon, Peanut Chicken, Jungle Curry, Garlic Green Beans, Catfish Salad ...

      Euro Pane: Egg Salad sandwich, Meatloaf sandwich, croissants, scones, macarons

      Central Park: flat iron steak, anything with scallops

      Tutti Frutti: any of the fresh fruit salads

      Edited to Add: Here's some other recent threads about Pasadena:

      Welcome back!

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      1. re: ElsieDee

        Thanks! for the recommendations, will start tonight and try one of those places!

        1. re: truetraveler

          The Central Park flatiron has become such a favorite with me I can barely think of anything else. Mrs. O has a similar attraction to the sand dabs. Hot tip: unless they've radically changed their ways, their "garlic mashed potatoes" are fir only for hanging wallpaper. The potato gratin, however, is delightful (though quite rich, if that's a problem) and can be subbed in. As can I believe the quite adequate fries.

        2. re: ElsieDee

          what's the meatloaf sandwich at europane consist of?


          1. re: ElsieDee

            I really do not understand the Daisy Mint infatuation on this board. We went there on Sunday and had a meal that was really mediocre at best. We had bland summer rolls, a panang curry that was fine but no more, kimchi fried rice that was neither spicy nor sour, and dry, flavorless honey pork. Just a poor showing all around. I understand that those dishes are not the ones recommended by ElsieDee, but still... I expected a lot more from a place that gets such consistent raves from the hounds here. Still looking for a consistently excellent Pasadena eatery...

          2. Welcome back! You didn't state how long you were away, but I'll assume it has been around 4 or 5 years if you are a college student. I completely understand because when I moved away, I couldn't wait to pack up my college apartment and move back home. At any rate, you have lots of homework to do and I'll throw out a few.

            Central Park on Fair Oaks. One of the few places that has a good breakfast, lunch AND dinner. (Breakfast - ham and eggs. Lunch - dagwood burger or chicken caprese sandwich. Dinner - balsamic chicken.)

            Mike and Annes in South Pasadena. Really like this place.

            Old Town has undergone a lot of changes. I could list the places that have closed, but that wouldn't really help you. Two places I do enjoy tho, are All India Cafe and Cafe Santorini.

            If you don't feel like cookng dinner, there is Porto Via Italian Deli (Fair Oaks), Zankou (by PCC), Mediterranean Cafe (South Lake). Also check out the Trader Joes on Lake and the new and homongous Whole Foods.

            Neighboring Eagle Rock, Glendale & Alhambra have also really expanded, but you said Pasadena so I'll stop here. Hope you enjoy.

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            1. re: kotatsu

              Hi Kotatsu!
              Thanks for all the information, wouldn't mind the info regarding the other cities.
              Kind of you to say that I must have graduated from college, but actually I'm much older and I moved back due to a divorce. A much needed one....
              Take care!

            2. I was just at GO CHINA corner of Lake and Union? - Next to the Ralphs parking lot. Food was fab.They've upgraded a bit - fresh, clean, very tasty.

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              1. re: Kitchen Queen

                We liked their stuff even when everyone else was hatin' on it, so this is excellent news.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  Will try this place as well...

              2. I would save some room for dessert at Daisy Mint and get some fried ice cream. Yum Le Grande Orange at the Del Mar metro stop. I like their swordfish tacos and sangria but there are plenty of other options. Also in the Old Town is Azeen's Afghani restaurant which I think is worth a visit.
                Europane is a great spot: the egg salad sandiwch and pastries are really terrific. The Dianne Salad at the Green Street Restaurant is popular and tasty.
                Welcome back to Pasadena!

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                1. re: crystaw

                  Looks like I need to hit Europane, I've heard stellar reviews about their egg salad sandwich..
                  Thanks for your recommendations and for the welcome back to Pasadena!
                  I love Pasadena!