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looking for a sheet cake that tastes good and can put a pdf picture on the top?

tmsjas Jul 22, 2009 02:29 PM

anyone know a bakery that can do this on sheet cakes? thanks so much!!!

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  1. Professor Salt RE: tmsjas Jul 22, 2009 02:47 PM

    Photo printed cakes are pretty common these days. My Ralph's bakery does it.

    It would help to know where you are, tho.

    1. OldieButGoodie RE: tmsjas Jul 27, 2009 10:10 AM

      Sam's Club does a good job and they don't charge extra for the photo. Just bring in the pic.

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        attran99 RE: tmsjas Jul 27, 2009 10:23 AM

        The Torrance Bakery does this...and their cakes are delish.

        Torrance Bakery
        1341 El Prado Ave, Torrance, CA 90501

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          attran99 RE: attran99 Jul 27, 2009 10:25 AM

          Another location.

          Torrance Bakery
          15934 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90247

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            CynD RE: attran99 Jan 11, 2010 04:31 PM

            No offense to attran, but I've never had anything decent from Torrance Bakery. It's a great place for a sandwich for lunch, but their cakes are mediocre at best. I brought an assortment of their items to a friend for a dinner party, and we wound up throwing most of them out.

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            AAQjr RE: tmsjas Jul 27, 2009 01:53 PM


            Hansen's Cakes
            1072 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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              maudies5 RE: AAQjr Jan 11, 2010 04:48 PM


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