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Most influential restaurant

Hello Foodies! I am taking clients to dinner next week and am looking for a restaurant that reflects the ever changing taste of comsumers. We hoping to go somewhere new, inspiring and exciting. I love Comme CA and Fraiche, but they are so French. Is that the cuisine of the month in LA? I'd love to get some suggestions. We are looking to find the next big thing in the culinary world.

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  1. Check out Saam at The Bazaar and Michael Mina's XIV.

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      I would strongly agree with the XIV suggestion.

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        I strongly disagree with XIV. Michael Mina has not been "the next big thing" for a while... Plus, XIV is one of his weaker restaurants.

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          3rd, 4th or is it 5th?? Bazaar. Not my thing, it's Spanish-inspired tapas, but it's the latest "thing," whatever "thing" is.

          I'm surprised no one has mentioned Ludobites? It seems every other blog or tweet I read is a review about them. It's the same style as Bazaar, but not as pricey.

          1. If I were looking for something different and newer, I'd probably go for a more exotic cuisine than French and/or American. Gyenari is new-ish and really great in downtown Culver City. Or I have yet to go but have heard a lot of really good things about Asia de Cuba also.

            Good luck!

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              Asia de Cuba is a million years old and as mediocre as ever. Follow the first poster's advice about The Bazaar.

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                Make that a billion years old. Is it even still alive?

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                  Asia de Cuba is still alive... and, as soon as I figure out all the ingredients in their banana calamari hearts o' palm salad... I won't be going back once I'm able to recreate it. ;)

            2. Kogi Taco Truck? Or is it already 15:01?

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                Haha. 15:01. The 2 dollar short rib tacos were tasty but to stand out in this weather for 45 minutes... not gonna do that again.

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                  The Alibi Room. Same food, just much more civilized.

              2. Bazaar is the best new restaurant in LA, hands down. We ate at XIV Saturday night; it was good, nowhere near great. The food was well-executed and the service was very good, but there was nothing new or particularly inspired on the menu. None of the passion of Bazaar. Pretty solid wine list, though, with some excellent relative values in a city of overpriced wine lists. Someone mentioned Gyenari. I ate there last week and I thought it was awful, but I went expecting Korean food. Stick to K-town!

                1. Spago is the most influential LA restaurant...but it's influence has gone and come back..it's still the best tasting menu i've had in la....if you're looking for the next big thing...i think ludobites may be it...though it is french and will be gone at the end of august

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                    Ludobites may the brainchild of a French chef, but its sensibilities are definitely tougher to pinpoint geographically - for lack of a better term, I call it 'whimsical Californian cuisine'

                    Yes, it IS influential, I believe...

                  2. animal might be a good place if you are trying to highlight an "LA" sort of vibe, insofar as it is in a relatively vibrant and thriving part of the city at night (without the ridiculousness of the sunset strip).

                    finally made it to tavern in brentwood this week, and would definitely put this on my list as well. they really did an amazing job with the space, and the food lives up to the hype.

                    finally, church and state just seems to be getting more and more talked about as time goes on. probably the best place to show off the "new" downtown.

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                      I’d have to second “Animal” restaurant as one of, if not “the”, quintessential LA restaurant. The boys have established a unique style of cooking that’s been praised by the rank and file, lauded by food writer Jeffrey Steingarten and Food & Wine Magazine named the duo, Top New Chefs of 2009. It’s the bacon.

                      I suspect molecular gastronomy as a “style” has peaked. Other than sous vide and fun with solids in liquid form, it doesn’t seem to have all that much to offer. As interesting as it sounds, Foie Gras in Cotton Candy-pops isn’t what all serious diners are looking for.

                      Warm Chocolate Bacon Bars on the other hand . . .

                    2. personally, i think Bazaar is the most over-hyped, scene restaurant in town. Other than the sweets that they offer after dinner, it doesnt live up to the hype. just my humble opinion.

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                        Agree 100%. The food and presentation are good (if overpriced for what you get), but the hype eclipses them by a long shot.

                      2. i cant believe anybody that knows anything about killer food would bag on bazaar, the place has about the best food and presentation of any los angeles restaurant.

                        other killer notable place is drago centro,

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