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Jul 22, 2009 01:59 PM

Fine Asian Bowl

Has anyone tried this place yet?
Moreover the new one on Yonge betw Dundas & Queen.
But there are two others:
Yonge betw Wellesley & College
Bayview south of Eg

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  1. I've been to the one at Yonge and Wellesley. I like their Pho, and the atmosphere is nice, but I asked for no cilantro in my Pho and even repeated it to my server before he left our table and my Pho came chock full of cilantro, which unfortunately meant I couldn't eat it. I apologized (even though I didn't do anything...) and asked that he remove the cilantro and he gave me some serious 'tude. Otherwise it's okay.

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      Went to bayview one. Awful... Stringy bits of endy bit chicken in our Buns... lack of flavour in everything else. Service was good though. Considering lemongrass and riz are on the same strip, I can't fathom why anyone would bother.

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      1. I was at the one at Yonge and Dundas ( on Yonge across from the Eaton Centre) recently for lunch with my coworkers. Food was fine. However, our table was by the entrance leading down to the washroom. We were constantly hit with a weird smell coming up from the washrooms downstairs. Our female server seemed to be friendly when she took our orders. However, when she brought me a wrong dish which I did not order, she accused me of ordering the wrong dish. Both my coworker and I clearly remembered what I’ve ordered. She then brought in her male supervisor¸who repeatedly accused me of ordering the wrong dish. Neither of them admitted the fact that the server had written down the wrong order. Neither the server nor the supervisor were apologising. I need to spend at least a minute to tell them what I’ve ordered. They finally brought me the right dish. When we asked for the bill, we were charged with the wrong dish ( more expensive than the right one). When I asked the server to correct it, without apologizing, she came back and gave me the price difference in cash with an attitude.I’ll not go back to eat again nor recommend my friends to go there.

        Fine Asian Bowl
        1634 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G3B7, CA

        1. Like kawarthagirl , I went to the one on Bayview and have not been back since. The pho took 30 minutes, (pho!) and that was all we had ordered, (maybe that's why...) and it wasn't all that good. Okay, but not good. Can't comment on the rest of their menu.

 -- more pictures. less adjectives.

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