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Jul 22, 2009 01:57 PM

Dim Sum in Van - like Fu Sing (HK)?

After reading many blog posts, reviews, and boards, I cannot choose a dim sum restaurant in Vancouver. My parents' anniversary is coming up and I would like to take them for dim sum. We are from Calgary where good dim sum is pricey and scarce.

We fell in love with the dim sum at Fu Sing in Hong Kong--any similar restaurants in Vancouver? i.e. focused but consistently well-executed menu, classic dim sum done with a twist, innovative items like sweet potato and ginger dumplings.

I've narrowed the list down to these restaurants, but have a few hesitations:
- Red Star (I have heard it is pricey, but not necessarily worth the extra cost)
- Sun Sui Wah (I had a poor first taste at the Main St location--tough and chewy black pepper ribs, cold brisket, thick skin on the shrimp dumplings)
- Kirin (downtown or Richmond? Has the quality dropped off in recent years?)
- Sea Harbour (varying reports; seems inconsistent)
- Shiang Garden (ditto)

If it helps, we love to eat these dim sum items:
- xiao long bao/soup dumplings (should we wait to eat these at an actual Shanghainese resto like Long's or Chen's?)
- sang jeen bao/soup buns
- har gow/shrimp dumplings
- beef balls
- beef tendon
- duck feet (the steamed, white kind)

Thank you for your advice!

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  1. For special HK style dim sum try Grand Honour

    I have not yet been, but it has the thumbs up from a person that has a good palate for dim sum. He describes it as traditional (so none of the modern offerings).

    Gingeri in Richmond and Red Star are probably closer to that type of place you describe.

    Have a look here...
    I trust these reviews.

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    1. re: fmed

      Thank you for the info, fmed. I might do a recon meal first to test out Grand Honour--it does indeed sound like what I'm looking for. Thanks! Will report back.

      1. re: aktivistin

        Please do! I've been wondering about that place for ages as it is very near the Parentals and would be so convenient...

        1. re: aktivistin

          Grand Honour is okay but not outstanding and over priced IMHO. If you want to replicate the meal in HK, you're out of luck as the ingredients used n HK taste very different from what's produced in Vancouver. I'm not saying the restaurants here are bad.

          Anyways here my list for dim sum (ones with more variety and moderne take on)
          Gingeri, Prince, Jade, Rainflower, Shiang Garden

          1. re: gourmet wife

            Never been to Fu Sing, but here's my suggestions (coming from an Edmontonian and ex-Calgarian).

            There's a couple that my wife's relatives took us to in Richmond that we liked.. Rainflower (used to be an XS Cargo beside Yohan) was decent, their furniture and tables are all imported from China. Better than dim sum here in Edmonton and also better than anything we had in Calgary.

            There's also one I can't remember the name but it's on the NE corner of #3 and Westminster, on the second floor. To the west is London Drugs, and in the same complex is an HSBC Bank I think..

            We were just there at the end of June.

            1. re: taiphun

              Empire Seafood perhaps?

              (That corner is also close to Shanghai River and Kirin on the other side.)

              1. re: fmed

                Maybe.. I looked through my receipts last night but I couldn't find it - might've paid cash or maybe wifey paid.

                We used to like Shanghai River, but it's been replaced by Shanghai Wonderful on our "must go" list.

                1. re: taiphun

                  Shanghai River still beats anything in Calgary though, even if it isn't classical dim sum (I have an earlier post on it). A plethora of riches in Richmond of which I am jealous...

                  1. re: taiphun

                    Shanghai Wonderful and Shanghai River have different targets. Shanghai Wonderful is a really good mid-priced Shanghai-style restaurant and great for a casual family dinner. Shanghai River is more opulent (nice space, refined presentation) - and targets a "special occasion" diner. The food at both places is HK-influenced Shanghai food with a nod to SW for being a bit more authentically Shanghai in style.

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          1. Your recommendations are very good. Those restaurants are indeed some of the best dim sum restaurants in Vancouver. You should also check out Fisherman's Terrace and Shiang Garden in Richmond!

            Robert C
            The Secret Guide To Vancouver (For Visitors)

            1. My parents and I ended up at Gingeri for early dim sum this morning. It was decent... but not great. And despite my worries (having read a number of reviews on horrendous service at Chinese restaurants in Richmond), the service was polite and efficient. The dim sum was mediocre, comparable with the average Calgary dim sum restaurant, at similar prices.

              We tried the:
              - turnip cake
              - beef tendon (we've had meltier and better-spiced at Gee Gong in Calgary)
              - curried cuttlefish
              - sang jeen bao (lacked the broth inside, likely because the thick and soft dough soaked it up)
              - dough stick wrapped in rice crepe (this was better than average--crispy and soft dough stick with a silky, not sticky, crepe)
              - sticky rice (tasted like it was steamed before stir-fry, instead of the chewy "toothiness" of dry-fried sticky rice)
              - big soup dumpling/goon tong gao
              - fried rolls with sweet potato paste (this item was unique and unconventional, but the frilly fried batter was a sponge for all the oil used in frying)

              The bill came to $50 (includes tax and tip) for three, with two boxes to take home, so the price was reasonable. I'll have to try Grand Honour and some of the other suggestions--especially Shanghai Wonderful which sounds just right. Thank you for your help!

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              1. re: aktivistin

                Too bad it was lacklustre. Better luck next time aktivistin.