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Jul 22, 2009 01:55 PM

Downtown Atlanta for one special meal

I live in the burbs outside of Atlanta, but with 5 kids, I don't do a lot of fine dining. I will be in downtown for one night (our anniversary) and we're looking for something special. It doesn't necessarily have to be fancy, but I'm not talking Matt's Rib Shack or the Varsity, good as those places may be. Does anyone have any suggestions for the downtown area?

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  1. Bacchanalia...not -exactly- downtown, but close.

    1. why downtown especially? are you staying in a hotel there?

      1. Floataway Cafe & Top Flr come to mind. Neither is really fancy but both have great food. Floataway may be better setting for your special occasion.

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        1. re: amykw21

          although floataway is not anywhere near downtown...does the OP have a car and willing to drive? That changes the whole game.

        2. Hsu's , right down town if it's still there Try the duck for 2 but call ahead to make sure they will save one.

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            Hsu's is wonderful- I've always enjoyed the food. But if it is for one special night, I'm wondering if the restaurant at the top of the Westin might be a good choice. I have no idea if the food is any good, but the view can't be beat- it would certainly be at least worth dropping by the bar for a nightcap...

          2. Take a cab or drive to Rathbun's if you haven't been there. It has never disappointed me and is not that far from downtown.