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Jul 22, 2009 01:53 PM

swank & quiet near Chelmsford (Lowell OK)

I'm having dinner with an old friend staying in Chelmsford, and I'm looking for the venue. I don't remember her taste in food, but I remember she likes swank (a la Upstairs on the Square or Les Zygomates) and I'd like some quiet, dark privacy to revisit old times (a la the old Craigie). If you must choose one or the other, choose quiet, where we can settle in and relax undisturbed.

I eat everything and am flexible on price high or low (Somerville's Taco Loco basement would be fine, as would Rialto).

So, uh, The Blue Room, but near Chelmsford. Any tips? I'm totally unfamiliar with the area but have GPS.

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  1. La Boniche in Lowell and Cassis in Andover are supposed to be good French restaurants. In Burlington, there's Summer Winter.

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      neither la boniche nor cassis will approach "city quality" food. can't talk about summer/winter. la boniche seems stuck in the 80's, although not bad for around these parts.

    2. I am a huge fan of L'Andana in Burlington. It is not super close to Chelmsford but only a short drive on Route 3. I attended a birthday party there and the steaks were cooked to perfection. They also have a pretty impressive wine list if I remember correctly. And they are owned/run by the same restaurant group that does Sorellina, Mistral, and Mooo.

      1. I think you could find a quiet table at Moonstones in Chelmsford (swanky) - I love their menu/food:

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          moonstones is the same owners as cobblestones. is it better?

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            I think MUCH MUCH better, not sure why but Cobblestones never did anything for me. Moonstones is very exciting, bit pricey but I have really enjoyed the 3 times I have been. Particularly loved lunch.

        2. Thanks! I'll bounce these ideas off the DC and report back.

          1. You might want to check out Centro in downtown Lowell, interesting menu and small enough to carry a conversation