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Jul 22, 2009 01:12 PM

Need to buy cocoa powder

Hi- does anyone know where to buy good quality cocoa powder (regular and dutch processed) in bulk. Not looking to break the bank, looking for a good balance between quality and price

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    1. re: moskey

      I'm in Boston, but am open to purchasing online, mailorder, whatever is available!

      1. re: Penrosej

        Whold Foods usually have a good choice of cocoa and chocolate. Or check out Chochosphere online.

        1. re: mjoyous

          Thanks, I didn't know you could buy cocoa in bulk at Whole Foods. I never think of them for chocolate and cocoa because they can be a little pricey. But maybe in bulk the price will be reasonable.

          1. re: Penrosej

            Am not sure who manufactures their bulk cocoa; hopefully there's a knowledgeable person working there who can tell you. I buy Valronha cocoas in pre-measured 1/;2 lb. packages.

    2. Penzey's is in Lexington or online.

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      1. re: SuperGrover

        Thanks! I forgot Penzeys was local.

        1. re: SuperGrover

          Penzey's is in Arlington.

          I remeber buying some good cocoa in larger quantities at Marty's Liquors in Newton but that was a while ago. I bought some recently at Idylwilde Farm in Acton.

          There a quite a few places on the internet that sell Valrhona including Amazon. Also try the King Arthur Baker's Store (

          1. re: skippy66

            I buy Valrhonna at Whole Foods. They package it themselves in standard pint tubs, so, since they get it in bulk, I imagine they'd sell it to you in bulk despite the fact that it is not one of their standard bulk items such as flour or nuts.


          It's mail order or if in Vermont you can always stop by. Everything for baking you could want. Also check out Sur la table in Chestnut Hill they too come up with amazing stuff Call first on food items. Whole foods is good if you have a solid one near you. Williams Sonoma is always a last resort, stressing the words last resort.

          1. A few years ago I purchased kilo bags of cocoa powder both Valharona (which I prefer for baking) and Caillebaut (which I prefer for hot chocolate) from I believe the cocoa in Whole Foods is Valharona, and the large bars on the same display are Caillebaut.

            1. I'd strongly suggest you try Marty's Liquors in Newton. They have a fantastic gourmet shop in the store, and that's where I buy all of my bulk cocoa, at by far the best prices around. Valrhona is $8.99 a pound, and they also sell a lesser (but good) brand (I'm blanking on the name) for $2.99 a pound.