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Jul 22, 2009 12:59 PM

Fireside Pizza, Stephen Ave, Calgary

I just tried a chorizo pizza from the Fireside Pizza cart on Stephen Ave. It was pretty good - high quality toppings including lots of fresh basil. The crust isn't baked fresh, but the pizzas are made quickly on the spot, and come out of the oven in about 60 seconds. They were thin and crispy, but not overly so.

The pizzas were $10 for a personal size, and a combo with lemonade from the juice cart next door is $12.50. Perfect price for lunch downtown. I think I may go every week...

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  1. I did some googling, and apparently this is a chain that was on Dragon's Den?

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      I keep forgetting to watch DD and can't tape it because it conflicts with SYTYCD- but anyway- I wish these guys would get a storefront!

    2. Had this just before Stampede, and was thinking of posting. I thought the pizza was decent; the toppings outshone the crust, which was a little... parbaked, I guess. Not as awesome as fresh dough pizza is, for sure. Pretty good about sums the experience up. But it's quick, and dining on Stephen Ave is so great with nice weather like this.

      What I really like is the expansion of the food cart scene; there's a kebab trailer too, and you mentioned the lemon smasher. (I thought the combo idea was brilliant, actually.) I've seen more hot dog vendors (or maybe some have just relocated) this year, and having been to Portland, I most appreciate folks who are selling something other than street meat.

      (Although I watched the Dragon's Den video, and, well, entrepreneurial buzzwords always leave a creepy sensation in my stomach.)