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Decent spots in Maui -Kihei

Well our fave is Alexander's in Kiehi and the Paia Fish Market but we'd love to hear about decent food that isn't a fortune near Keihei. Any type of food recommendations are welcome. Sadly the Maui Onion is closed. We're hear for another week. Mahalo

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  1. Just got back from the Paia Fish Market and they get the edge over Alexander's. I loved the fish sandwich - better bun, a touch of chesse, slaw, and a larger fish fillet. Also had good onion rings and seafood chowder. Kids favor Alexander's.

    I was glad to hear that David Paul has a a new place open. We may try and check it out if I an get them to give us a kids pasta option. I still remember the lobster risotto and it's been over ten years!

    1. Have you tried Roy's or sansei?

      1. Have you looked into Joe's? It is Bev Gannon's second restaurant.

        Joe's Bar & Grill
        131 Wailea Ike Pl, Kihei, HI 96753

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          I have always enjoyed Joe's and Joe himself! He's a cool dude! The meatloaf is awesome!
          They serve martini's in a glass sunken into a bed of crushed ice. It's great! We also really
          enjoyed Mala in the Marriott.

        2. My kids love Da Kitchen for breakfast. Roy's is very good for kids for dinner. Now my kids are ofended by being offered child menus, they unfortunately have expensive taste (except breakfast) and order lobster whenever they can.

          1. You may be headed out of town already, but if it's not too late...

            Second Da Kitchen. Way too much food. Pretty good. Cheap for the quantity.

            Joe's too. Upscale, but not confiscatory.

            Eskimo Candy Seafood. Retail fish, plus a good plate lunch.

            Paradise Sushi in the Long's Drugs shopping center.

            The Greek place down south can be pretty good, altholugh it is neither cheap nor fantastic.

            Sushi Paradise
            1215 S Kihei Rd Ste I, Kihei, HI 96753

            Da Kitchen
            2439 S Kihei Rd Ste 107A, Kihei, HI 96753

            Eskimo Candy
            2665 Waiwai Pl, Kihei, HI 96753

            Ruth's Chris Steak House - Birmingham
            2300 Woodcrest Place, Birmingham, AL 35209

            1. Matteo's for pizza is pretty good, and I also had a meatball sub I liked. It's on Ike Drive in Wailea. And I commiserate with you on the Maui Onion, it was our go to place for lunch when we'd spend the day at Ulua Beach. Now we walk a little further to Kumu, the poolside bar and grill at the Marriott. It's pretty good and has some tasty items, but I really miss the Onion.

              1. Thanks for the replies. I caught them on the last day so we tried Da Kitchen. It was very good and we'll keep Eskimo Candy on the list for the next round.

                I think our best meals were when we stayed in and had sashmi and lobster.

                For the first part of our stay, we were at the Mana Kai and had some tasty lunches at the little store on the first floor. They have a daily special, salads, and sandwiches. It's nice to know about if you are on the beach in front of the condo.

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                  Sorry I didn't see this sooner, but for next time, try Kihei Caffe, across from Kalama Park. It is a breakfast and lunch place. Evidently the owner was a chef at a high-end property and now he does this. The cinnamon rolls and coffee are amazing, as are all the breakfast dishes we've had. The loco moco is made with Maui-grown beef and he uses pasteurized-in-the-shell eggs, if my information is still correct. We second the Eskimo Candy rec. Try the poke from Foodland in Kihei and also from Eskimo Candy.

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                    How could I forget -- any Chowhound should take a ride up to Olowalu, to Surfing Goat Dairy, where they make their own goat cheeses. It is a lot of fun -- the kids can feed the goats -- you can sample their award-winning products, and sometimes they have special events where they serve a meal.

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                      Boy the Surfing Goat Dairy turns up all over the place featured on menus at some of the higher end spots. What a great idea and hope they are doing well. I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the Maui greens that I got at Foodland- delicious with some Maui onions, heirloom tomatoes, and papaya salad dressing.

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                        Let's don't get started on the produce. Where else can you find everything from tropical fruit to delicate lettuces grown within a few miles of each other. Is there ever a time of year when somebody **isn't** producing great tomatoes? And those ginormous avocados that are just there for the picking.

                        Next time around, check out the produce at the Saturday swap meet. Maybe I was just enamored by the stuff I can't get locally - rambutan, durian, coconuts, etc. - but I'd be hard pressed to name another place where there's such a wide variety of such incredibly fresh stuff in one place.

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                          I was thrilled with the produce as well. Lets not forget those Maui sweet onions!
                          We have had the Surfing Goat Cheese in the past but have never made it to the farm. I think that will be on our to do list this December.