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Jul 22, 2009 12:31 PM

Good crisp Chard under $10?

It's just to darn hot in Texas right now to be drinking red wine - really! I need something cool that we can drink every day. My partner doesn't like SB, but neither of us like oaky, buttery Chard either. Need something some suggestions for inexpensive, everyday Chard to sip in the 100 degree heat!

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  1. I have been liking Calina...can't remember whether it's from Chile or Argentina. It's nice, and where I get it in New Jersey, about $6.00.

    1. Four Vines makes Naked Chard that's enjoyable for about $8. It's cheap, easy to find and perfectly acceptable as an everyday quaffer

      1. Under $10 and crisp I'd list Columbia Crest Two Vines or Covey Run Quail series as 'everyday sippers' and if you shop carefully Toad Hollow unoaked "Francine's Selection". I find it here at $10 on sale, crisp and delicious.
        If you don't mind blended Chard, look for Hedges CMS white blend - contains some SB with the Chard and Marsanne if that's a deal breaker but it really tastes great. It may be creeping out of your price point soon but should be 10ish. Likewise, the Columbia Crest Vineyard 10 white blend. It's been on sale here several times this summer - great taste and excellent value, esp. if you catch it on sale.

        1. Thanks for the excellent suggestions everyone. I have put all of these on my shopping list. Hopefully the weather will cool off soon enough and I can add more variety to my wine sipping.

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            Forgot to mention Macon-Villages. Should be able to find some in your price range and I'll bet you like 'em. Drouhin, Duboeuf, Jadot...all the big negotiants Macon are pretty easy to find and won't break the bank. Good hunting!

          2. It isn't Chard but rosé is always cheap and appropriate for the heat.