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Jul 22, 2009 12:19 PM

Coalhouse Pizza - Stamford

Just read on BlogStamford that a new pizza place is coming to town....WITH a brand new coal-fired oven! Sounds like the owners have some lofty plans, including live music and possibly a movie night. From the photos, it looks like it might be going in where Margot's used to be? Makes sense since the kitchen is probably still back there. Here's more:

Looking forward to checking it out!

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  1. Looks like the former Margot's space is going to house a Middle Eastern eatery (passed it today on the way to Liz Sue's, but the name escapes me). Now I can't figure out where in that strip Coalhouse will be --maybe in the spot where the flower shop was? I love the convenience of that shopping center, so it's great that there will be two new places to try. And with the terrific Tawa right nearby, we may be developing quite a culinary mecca at Bull's Head!

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    1. re: MommaJ

      Thanks for the scoop MommaJ. I am intrigued about the Middle Eastern place. I quick Googled Coalhouse and came up with 85 High Ridge. I think Liz Sue's is 60 something? Either way, I'm looking forward to trying both places.

      1. re: A avenue

        "Tabouli Grill" will be coming to Margot's old spot. "Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine. "

        Coalhouse will be located a few stores north at Bullshead strip, near Sal's Pastry.

        1. re: louuuuu

          From Tabouli Grill's Craigslist help wanted ad: "Opening in Stamford in September. Tabouli Grill will be a full service ,casual, 40 seat restaurant serving Middle Eastern food, beer and wine. We will be open seven days a week for both lunch and dinner and will do delivery and take-out."

          Indian, Chinese/Japanese, coal-oven pizza and Middle Eastern, all within a few steps (well, a short trek across a parking lot for the Indian) and with easy peasy parking. I am psyched!

          1. re: MommaJ

            Plus Stamford's best bagels at Liz Sue.

            One quibble: I've never found the parking "easy peasy" there... and hunch if any of the newbies hits, it could be a real pain.

            1. re: louuuuu

              Great. Just what Stamford needs. Yet another pizza joint. And there is no parking there. Certainly not enough for all of these restaurants.

              1. re: lillydaisy

                I'd gladly take yet another pizza place in stamford if it were good. Here's hoping...

                1. re: adamclyde

                  Well keep hoping. Because the owners are all business people and not one is an actual food person. It's just not the same.

                  1. re: lillydaisy

                    From what I here the owners are the landlords! They could not rent the space so now there pizza makers. Oh boy..... No hope here.

                  2. re: adamclyde

                    I (sadly) love Bertucci's pizza. Fluffy crust, very thin pizza, and toppings like fresh mozzarella, roasted zucchini, and carmelized onions. I REALLY HOPE that this new place will give Bertucci's a run for their money -- I HATE Bertucci's atmosphere. Only get it as take out. Plus, Stamford is closer. Any news on opening dates?


              2. re: MommaJ

                Tabouli Grill was open as of today.

                1. re: amanda3571

                  Where is this place, it sounds like I would LOVE!~ Who opened it and what is the menu like? Thanks

                    1. re: amanda3571

                      Thanks , I hope it is has more variety than the other places we have here in Stamford because they are becoming more of a chain type restaurant. I always say if you have one good spot stay with one and make it the best you can and use the best ingridents so you can give the customers can be happier.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. When did Margot's close and why? Middle Eastern is a broad range so I hope it is more of a lovely fresh organic eatery and with reasonable pricing. They should use products from farms nearby so we are assured of freshness NO SYSCO. Of course with great desserts. I hope it is happy eating and clean.

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            1. re: nbermas

              She closed because they never recouped from the expensive buildout and the recession hit. They did a lot of corporate catering and these clients all cut back on orders. The rent was very high and from what I heard the landlord was much more interested in becoming a pizza man than helping her out with a lower rent. It's a shame.

              1. re: lillydaisy

                So SAD, it had some great clean food.

                1. re: nbermas

                  Wherever it is the young jamooks over at John the Baker won't consider this a reason to improve.......

                  Since Eugene left the place slid badly.

            2. Well, they're starting out badly before they even open, as far as I'm concerned--today appeared a gigantic, tacky, red neon sign that's out of sync with the more restrained style of the rest of the strip mall. Quite an eyesore. Can't believe the landlord okayed that. The pizza better be spectacular.

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              1. re: MommaJ

                I like the new sign, it's modern and edgy. The interior looks attractive as well, but what matters is the pizza, so we'll see.

                1. re: MommaJ

                  "neon sign that's out of sync with the more restrained style of the rest of the strip mall"

                  Haha, that hysterical...I hope you were kidding about the "restrained style" of a strip mall.

                  I too like the sign. Definitely an eye-catcher, but isn't that the point? I look forward to trying the pizza, and most certainly wish them well, especially in this economy.

                      1. re: bbqlover

                        Of course the landlord approved of tacky sign. HE'S THE OWNER.

                        1. re: lillydaisy

                          Maybe or maybe not on approval of the sign depending on the contract. But this corner is not exactly downtown Paris or Tuscany. The mall itself is ugly, the Getty station is not exactly a nice site, the diner isn't a farm setting. It's a strip mall. Yes jfood commented negatively on what the new owner of Tawa did to that building, but this sign is not so bad, and jfood likes the font they chose.

                          1. re: jfood

                            Well said Jfood.

                            I like the sign, it's eye-catching, and it conjures up the image of the interior of a coal-burning brick pizza oven. Again, I wish them the best.

                            1. re: CTburgerlover

                              All I care that the pizza is better than all of Stamford has to offer and like the kind I had growing up in NY. I wish them well too.

                2. They are testing out the ovens today, have the doors open and are sharing some slices. I just stopped in a tried a few. They are very promising, in the Napolitano style, nicely charred around the edges.

                  Didn't see a menu, but they had 5 or so varieties out (white, margherita, rabe & sausage, wild mushroom and a dessert pie).

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                  1. re: cteats

                    Is this place across the street fromLLord and Taylors? Have they had a pizza place before and if so where?

                    1. re: cteats

                      Hopefully they are on par with Julian's in Westport...IMO the best of the brick oven joints in the area.

                      1. re: CTburgerlover

                        Driving home from LGA tonight jfood figured, let's give it a try. Alas it is not open yet.

                        Chocolate cake and skim milk for dinner.

                      2. re: cteats

                        Their menu and temporary website is up at
                        I'm pleased to see lip service given to quality ingredients: nitrate-free sausage, and whole wheat dough upon request.