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Jul 22, 2009 12:11 PM

California Tacos - Tampa

If you are looking for California style tacos and burritos in the Tampa area, head north to California Tacos, located on Bearss (and Skipper Rd.), just east of I-275. They've been written up elsewhere and this place is no longer a secret, but after a few visits I just had to write about the great food. The fish tacos are excellent as are the other varieties, but the burrito I had last week for lunch was probably the best I have had in Tampa - crunchy cabbage, a little beans and rice, guac, cheese, sour cream and the best damn carne asada I have had in a while. Prices are pretty cheap as well; you can get a REALLY big meal for around $6 or $7, tops.

It's a to-go taco stand and can get pretty packed, so don't expect super fast food. Everything is cooked to order, so it will take you a few minutes at least. I believe they are closed on Mondays. The guy who owns the place is super nice and really into his food and the quality. The only thing that would make it great is if there were a dine in area. But since I live close enough, I can head home and have a great lunch with a couple of cold Mexican beers.

Get there!


California Tacos
1450 Skipper Rd, Tampa, FL 33613

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  1. I am on the the California Taco bandwagon. I've enjoyed the fish and chicken tacos, chicken and fish burritos and the chicken tostada. The fish taco is the best I've had in the area. I'd prefer the fish grilled, but for fried fish they really work (regardless of whether they are really grouper as the menu claims). Their horchata is a bit over spiced for my tastes and their salsa verde needs a squeeze of lime to really taste right, but these are very minor complaints. I like knowing that their beans aren't whole beans and made without lard. Their pickled veggies are not on the menu and are the secret snack - they are served in a plastic baggie and only upon request.
    They also have some nectars, but down the shopping mall is a Mexican grocery which has a great selection of sodas and juices if you want something they don't have. Oasis Bakery is also in the shopping center and is well known for great Middle Eastern baked goods. (For those who need landmarks to find their way around like I do.)
    Don't go in the rain, there is no covering to order or eat. There are some outdoor stools and a bar to eat at along the wall. They are closed on Mondays. The food is served quickly, but they are often busy so I have had time to mine out the stores in the complex while someone else waited for the food.