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Jul 22, 2009 12:00 PM

Drinks downtown...

Need a good rec for an adult place to get a pick up scene or trendy vibe needed, just good quiet atmosphere and great drinks...perhaps an outside area.
Near financial, WTC, Seaport....thanks!

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  1. In WFC - PJ Clarke's or the Mexican place next door. There's also Stone Street and Ulysses Tavern further dowtown. I believe all those places have outdoor seating.

    1. The bar at 85 West. I think it's the Marriott. It's low-key.

      1. The Wine Bar on Front Street (atmosphere is a little dark if that matters) in Seaport North. Ditto the Marriott's bar and other hotel bars. If you hit it at the right time (it can be lively and NOT quiet) Onda on Front has good drinks and drink specials. Delmonico's. Stone Street can get sceney and loud, depending on the time you go.

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          Not sure if they have great drinks, but Fresh Salt on Beekman in Seaport North has outdoor seating. As does Salud! (food's not that great) next door . . .

        2. Mark Joseph Steakhouse has a great bar (not an outside area but definitely adult!)

          1. There are a couple of great bars on and around Peck Slip that have great drinks and snacks.
            Acqua at Peck Slip has nice wines and absolutely delicious food.
            Another great one is Nelson Blue - which offers New Zealand specialties. We had bar snacks there that was outstanding. nice atmosphere at both places.

            There are a few other places all in walking distance to each other, and though they are so close -are a world away from the touristy Seaport

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              Ditto Acqua in Seaport North neighborhood. NellyNel, howboy's request was for quiet atmosphere which Nelson Blue usually is not . . .

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                Oh - Okay, I have only been there once and it was pretty quiet at the time...but I suppose it must get pretty busy...darn good bar snacks though!

                LOVE Acqua - really great wines and amazing underrated food (been there several times!!)

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                  NellyNel, Acqua has very good, simple organic Italian fare. I have eaten my way through their menu over the years. If you think Acqua is amazing you should try Table Tales. Their food (American) is very fresh and quite good. They also have a prix fixe dinner. I had lunch at Table Tales Cafe this week (the tuna nicoise sandwich was delicious and an excellent value).

                  1. re: financialdistrictresident

                    Oh great - I had never heard of it.
                    I just checked out the web-site and it looks lovely; I will definitely give it a try!

                    I really do love Acqua - I recently took my mom there - she is a very picky Italian woman - and she was blown away...She said it was the best restaurant meal she has had in years and possibly the best restaurant pasta she had ever had! (this is really shocking coming from my mom who never likes anything!)