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Jul 22, 2009 11:31 AM

Rapid City, SD Fine Dining

Any suggestions for fine dining in the Rapid City area?

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  1. I was just in Rapid City recently and noticed a new fine dining restaurant called the Delmonico Grill. The menu looked interesting and I think it would be worth checking out.

    The Corn Exchange is a gem of a spot with wonderfully prepared regionally sourced food.

    Finally the Firehouse Brewing Co. (while not fine dining) puts out decent food with a fun atmosphere for a casual dinner or lunch.

    1. My mother and I were touring the Badlands/Black Hills area and ate last night at Tally's Silver Spoon in downtown Rapid City (530 Sixth Street) and were pleasantly surprised by the dinner. Tally's looks like a standard diner/casual restaurant from the outside, but when we passed by earlier in the day, we noticed that it had a more sophisticated dinner menu posted, and dinner was served from 5 to 8-ish (Midwesterners seem to eat very early). We went about 5:45, and though we had a few misgivings about the small number of people dining, we had a wonderful meal. My mother ordered a chicken marsala entree, which was a lovely presentation. A petite chicken was served with cubed delicata squash (skin on), potatoes, sweet potatoes, and sausage. The marsala suace was smooth and not overpowering and the sausage was almost buttery. I ordered a halibut dish served on diced potatoes and beets, topped with julienned apple. The halibut was perfectly cooked and the sauce was delicate. We split a beet, arugula & blue cheese salad that featured several types of beets, including an orange-colored beet. As our main courses were so good, we splurged and ordered dessert as well. I had chocolate mink with in-house made ice cream and my mother had a single serving pecan pie, also with in-house made ice cream. The chocolate mink was intensely chocolate-ly (in a good way) and the pie had plenty of pecans and tasty crust. In talking with the co-owner, we discovered that, although Tally's serves traditional diner food from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m., the owners just bought the restaurant in spring 2009, and the chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Portland, Ore. Ingredients are locally sourced, which seemed to be unusual for South Dakota. Though I can't vouch for the breakfast/lunch diner fare, the dinner is worth making a special trip for. Entrees are very reasonable for the quality and care of the meal, about $20-26. I believe it is only open for dinner Wed-Saturday.

      We also ate ate the Millstone Family Restaurant on Lacrosse Street, which had huge portions of Midwestern comfort food, definitely not healthy but what we felt like on a snowy evening in early October. If you can order something called a chik-steak, smothered in white gravy, which I did, you know you need calories, and won't get anything gourmet. Oh, I topped it off with more white food, a coconut creme pie, which was about 4 inches high, and which I couldn't finish. Our third dinner was at the Golden Phoenix, where I ordered the scallop dish. Scallops were cooked nicely, but unfortunately the sauce was overpowering. This restaurant is recommended in a number of guidebooks, but I wouldn't return.

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        We had breakfast at Tally's a few days ago. I had the Bison hanger steak and eggs w/ hash browns, and my wife had corned beef hash. Both excellent. My first bison hanger steak.

      2. I asked the admins of the board to move "Black Hills" of SD to the "Western" part of the board. having grown up in the "Midwest" Illinois/Iowa, out here it's definitely NOT the Midwest, but oh well.

        The Corn Exchange is great, but it's spendy. It depends upon what you're after and if you want local color, rancher western flair or what.

        Hands down, it's worth the 25 min. drive from Rapid City into the mountains to Hill City and check out Alpine Inn. It's a historically noted place and had great steaks in the evening, but be prepared for an hour's wait. The lunch fair is good with a German theme and a great dessert menu.

        Or if you want cheesy kitsch in a ma and pop supper club theme, try Pirate's Table in Rapid City, the whole place designed in late 70's flair to make you feel like you're in a pirate's den. Great service and all around good fare. Homemade dressings, great french onion soup.

        Corn Exchange
        727 Main Street, Rapid City, SD 57701

        Hill City Cafe
        209 E Main St, Rapid City, SD 57701

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          I agree with the recommendation of the Alpine Inn. Dirt cheap steak dinners of surprisingly high quality - excellent salads and desserts and reasonably good steaks.

          1. re: kagemusha49

            Just went there a few weeks ago, and it was grand!

            I forgot an update!
            Last week when I was listening to our public radio station, they talked about an Italian family's restaurant that has been in operation for decades up in the northern mountains of the Black Hills, in Spearfish. It's a pretty town and about 45 min. drive from Rapid City.

            Since public radio is commercial-free and rarely talks about any local businesses unless they're spectacular, it may be that this Italian restaurant, called "Roma's" is actually good. If you go there, or any of these places, please post and tell us about it!