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Jul 22, 2009 11:30 AM

Sunday Brunch near Times Square?

Wondering if anyone could suggest a reasonably priced brunch place near Times Square or Rockefeller Center?

Would prefer to make a reservation and not wait in a long line if possible.

Any suggestions welcome!

Thank you!

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  1. There are literally hundreds of restaurants within the boundaries of the two areas you mention. A few specifics will help narrow things down.

    Are you looking for breakfast food, lunch dishes, or a menu that offers both?

    People's idea of "reasonably priced" can differ substantially depending on the depth of their wallets. So, give us your per person budget for *food only*, keeping in mind that you will have to add drinks, nearly 9% tax, and a 20% tip. (Note: Some brunch menus do include a glass of juice, a mimosa, or a Bloody Mary.)

    1. Bumping this thread instead of starting my own, though seeing as the OP never resurfaced maybe i should have done my own thing.

      We are supposed to meet an out of town friend who is staying at the doubletree times sq (b'way and 47th) and while id love to get her out and show her some of the city, our focus will be on catching up and making sure shes not too far from home so she has time to get ready for a 2pm matinee.

      Also, she will probably be treating so i'd like not to go too upscale/expensive (20pp before tip/tax/bev)

      good food is ideal but really we'd like a place where we will be able to hear each other and maybe linger for a bit after our meal is done (we could probably move it back to the hotel lobby or even outside at times square if the weather permits.

      like the OP we'd prefer to make a reservation but were meeting up on the early side (10ish) so someplace where line standing is the norm at 1pm may still work.

      1. A solid choice would be Bar Americain.