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Jul 22, 2009 11:30 AM

Villa Barolo, Warrington

This has been recommended to me by a friend, but most of the good reviews I've read are from 2006-7. Does anyone have any recent experiences to share?

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  1. We were there a couple of months ago. It is centrally located for Girl's night out. The food is average. Not on the menu but the one thing I ask for is their grilled calamari.

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      How did I know you would be one of the first to reply?

      The menu on the web site shows an extensive raw bar, which is something my DH would love. Did you see any evidence of that? They also tout their off-the-wall meat selection (kangaroo, elk, bison, disgraced senators), but that's not a big deal for me. I'd want to go for their Italian offerings and the wine. If it's just "myeh", then it's probably not worth the trip.

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        The owner is Asian, which would account for the Italian with the Asian influence. Last time we were there, they had oysters and clams as well as whole fish displayed on ice in the lobby. I have tried their pasta dishes and will stick to the grilled calamari and fish entrees.

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          The chef used to be at La Veranda, down on Penn's Landing. They guy who recommended Barolo to me said that the original owner of La Veranda had sent chef Lo to Italy for several years, then brought him back once he was sufficiently Italianized. La Veranda used to have (maybe still does) the fresh fish on ice as you walked in.

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            La Veranda! Wow, that brings back memories! I always enjoyed that restaurant!

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            Mmmmm. I hear disgraced senators are in season right now!

        2. We've been there a few times. I think their cooking is somewhat eclectic. It's kind of Italian, but with an Asian accent. My wife likes it more than I do, although I've generally enjoyed my meals there.

          1. We've been recently and the good is generally pretty good. The menu is huge, though, so sometimes it seems like sides, sauces, etc. are recycled. All of the game meats I have had there have been excellent and really nicely cooked. The whole, salt-crust fish is also really, really good. They also have a really rich and delicious tortelini en brodo that we always get.

            I feel like an annoying food critic when I say things like this, but I really thing they ought to slim down the menu and refine the best dishes. Little things, like mediocre "banquet-ish" side dishes take away from a perfectly cooked piece of wild boar or opoaca paca.

            Overall, Chef Lo does a really nice job with the good there and I recommend Villa Barolo.

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              Is this the same Chef Lo that used to run Marco Polo in Elkins Park? The menu actually sounds pretty similar... Italian, huge, game meats.

              I've been to Marco Polo a few times recently--sans Lo--and enjoyed it more than while he was there. It's actually a pretty solid restaurant, especially for EP, and I try to get my parents to take me there if we go out when I'm visiting them.

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                Yes, same chef Lo, same huge menu. He took over the old space that used to be Marabellas at 611 and Bristol.

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                  FYI, branzino served at Marco Polo, not as good as Raddichio... Villa Barolo was not good at all IMO.