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Food Court in Chinatown

a friend used to work in the now defunct downtown crossing and I would meet him occasionally for lunch and we would go to this really cool food court upstairs from a store. Does anyone know what I am talking about ? Does this still exist ? If so where is it ?

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  1. Sadly, no. They renovated that building to make luxury condos. The bubble tea place and one of the Chinese places (Royal Palace, I think) have opened a small storefront on 70 Tyler St, though.

    1. Not there anymore, but one of the stalls, Royal Pacific, is now a storefront on Tyler Street, 1 block south of Kneeland. It's my go to place for take out and i really like their salty spicy pork chop on rice and beef chow fun.

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        I'll have to try Royal Pacific when I'm in Chinatown.

        I used to go to one of the stalls years ago - don't know which one it was, but it was always the same one, and I always ended up with a chicken and broccoli dish I loved.

      2. Long gone. That building is, I believe, residential condos now.

        1. Thanks for the responses people ! Sad news indeed. I willhave to try the few places everyone has mentioned

          1. The Juice Bar was the reason I went there, so I was pretty happy to see it finally reappear at street level there recently. Although you certainly don't get the weird atmosphere of the old room, freezing cold all winter and oddly plagued by random people coming in and trying to sell you worthless crap like fake plastic aquariums.

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              What's good at the juice bar? do they make fresh, unsweetened juices?

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                Yes, it's essentially pureed (very finely) fresh fruit. I love their watermelon juice, but others may have more exotic recommendations. I personally also really enjoy their bubble tea.

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                  Thanks. I just noticed this place for the first time yesterday and was intrigued. Now I will definitely try it.

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                    I agree that the fruit juices and bubble Teas are really nice. I also really enjoyed the Papaya Shake made with Coconut Milk I had the other day, really good.

              2. an...that was the Chinatown Eatery if I recall correctly. The new luxe condos are not selling well so maybe there is some hope yet......I do recall the PILE of pad thai you could get for like $5...

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                    Thai place was named Rod Thai, don't know if they relocated.

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                      Oh yeah - they were great, I used to get the chicken ram long, and the soup with mushrooms and chicken in coconut milk.

                1. In case anyone was wondering what happened to the lady that ran the egg waffle/pancake cart, she's now in the back of the jewelry store on the 1st floor of the Avana Lofts building, Beach St. side. I was walking back from Bubor Cha Cha the other day when I looked in and spied her familiar uninviting gaze.

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                      There is a bahn mi place on the first floor now. I popped in today but didn't try it, went to Lu's instead. It looks like they are attempting another food court of sorts, with a few stalls, but it is nothing like the old place.

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                      My friends and I used to buy those egg waffles from her ALL the time back in the early 1990s...

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                        I'm glad to hear she's back, surliness and all. It also appears that there's a banh mi cart next to her, as there was before they closed the building down.

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                        I walked by last week, and on the entrance door to the Loft building, is a sign for EGG WAFFLE INSIDE. I peeked in and saw the jewelry store on the 1st floor, and there's the Egg Waffle cart right there!

                        I didn't get some as I was too full from lunch!