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Jul 22, 2009 11:07 AM

Date Night tonight - Car Gdn/Cobble/Park Slope need recs!

My husband and I have found ourselves with a babysitter coming tonight that we don't need for our original intentions, so we figured we would make it a very rare date night. Since we don't do it often, I don't want to blow it with a mediocre meal. We're in Park Slope, though I find that Carroll Gardens and vicinity has better eating options. What's new and good in any of the neighborhoods right now? We like ethnic or not, I'm especially looking for good food, a good bartender who can make a great drink, and decent lighting is a big plus. In terms of price, we'd be most interested in mid-range (Grocery/Saul type places are a bit out of range.) Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!

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  1. I had a very nice meal at Bocca Lupo the meatballs are phenomenal, they have a solid wine list and the waitstaff is very helpful. It has casual/industrial vibe so it might not be romantic enough, but the food is great.

    1. This is a bit late but next time you may want to try Enzo's for their To Die For salad. I've been pushing that ever since I tried it :) On Prospect Park West, a block or 2 away from the theater. They have a nice garden out back too, and good service.

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        What's a "To Die For" salad? I tried to look the menu up on menupages, but the only Enzo's it has in Brooklyn is on King's Highway over by McDonald Ave.

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          Oh! Sorry, forgot to mention, they don't have a website. Here's a CH link with the address:

          The TDF Salad has simple ingredients, very fresh.