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Where to buy stove and fridge in Monteal?

I just moved to Montreal from the US and need to buy a new stove and fridge for my tiny urban apartment. The spaces are alreay cut out of the wall, so I'm looking for a small electric stove and a small apartment-sized fridge w/freezer. Husband and I are looking to spend roughly (or less) $2,000 total for both appliances. (I'm guessing around $1,500 for the stove and about $500 for the fridge.) I think I'm favoring a Kenmore or GE stove, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

Our real estate agent had recommended Brault & Martineau, but it seems like there's a lot of angst towards it online - is that just a few people who are pissed off, or is that the general consensus? If I were in the US, I'd be looking at HomeDepot (where we got our previous washer) or Sears. I'll be checking out their Montreal counterparts, but wondered if there were some good appliance specialty stores I should also be checking out, since my search thus far has been entirely online and sometimes good local stores don't have websites.


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  1. Almar on Decarie has a big selection or if you want to go cheaper then maybe something like corbeil (http://www.corbeilelectro.com/).

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      Almar's focus is on higher end appliances and if price was not an issue I would recommend them or Signature Bachand. For the more affordable the aforementioned, Corbeil, Sears, & Home Depot are a good start although Future Shop might have something to offer as well.

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        Signature Bachand can be reasonable, especially if you find things on sale. It's cheaper than Almar, in my experience, and service is friendlier. No online presence, however. Corbeil can also be good, if you go to one of the larger stores - and they also have a clearance outlet where you can get discontinued items or floor models at pretty good prices, and they have a decent website. Home Depot carries appliances here, but I think they have better brands in their US stores (not 100% sure about that, though).

    2. I've had good experiences with Sears / Kenmore. (knock on wood) - have bought a stove, dishwasher, washer & dryer.

      1. I am in the process of buying a condominium and recently purchased my appliances through Sears. Prices were much better than elsewhere (The Bay, Corbeil). YMMV.

        1. B&M is perfectly fine. If you want to spend $1500 on the stove alone, you'll have a hell of a stove! We bought ours witch ceramic top for $900 a couple of years ago. The fridge is more expensive. Plus B&M always have sales and stuff like buy a fridge and the stove is 50% off which means our $900 stove cost us $450.

          Also if you don't mind driving, you could check Germain Larivière in Laval.

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            I agree, Brault & M. is fine. I bought ours there about 2 years ago (and we had shopped around quite a bit), I think I paid about $1k for the fridge and about $600 for the stove. Never had a problem. And no, we did not take the extra warranty.

          2. I would actually recommend J.C. Perreault (www.jcperreault.com/index_en.php) - they're located out on the West Island but they have a wide range of mid- to high-end appliances and I've found their service to be friendly and helpful. You can negotiate with them on price and they'll generally do a good job suggesting something nice that fits your budget.

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              Agreed - we paid around 30% less at JC Perreault than the Bay or Sears wanted - and they had no problems with free delivery to our country place over 110km away.

              Another good bet is Mama's on St Hubert - family run Italian furniture place that has appliances in the basement. Ask for James and say Paul sent you - he treats you well and, again, way cheaper than any of the big stores (and also free delivery out to the boonies).


            2. Check out IKEA for appliances. They have a really cool 3 burner gas cook-top. Called a NUTID and a restaurant style range called a DÅTID.

              1. Because I kept getting lost trying to get to Brault et Martineau, and didn't find what I wanted at Brick, I ended up getting both stove, fridge, and a dehumidifier from Sears in Laval. The saleswoman who helped me didn't speak English, so I resorted to using my very limited French and a lot of gesticulating. I took the 5-year warrantes on each, so it came out to almost $2,400 total, including delivery, etc.. The hole cut out in the wall for the fridge was so small that they only had one option that provided us with both freezer and fridge compartments. I can't complain, and since they had the best website, I'll probably by my washer/dryer combo from them, too, when we recover from the kitchen splurge.

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                  I've been purchasing my appliances at Sears for the past 3 years without a hitch-stainless steel dishwasher is a dream, microwave oven with vent, stove& self cleaning oven (which I try not to use due to environmental issues), and I'll most likely need a new fridge in a year. You won't be disappointed.

                2. I'm resurrecting an old thread so we don't get too much redundancy concerning which stores to visit.

                  Already looked at JC Per, Almar, Signature Bachand, Corbeil. Am I missing any other places for that category of kitchen ranges? I'm looking for a 30" open burner gaz stove. Does anyone know anything about American Range (carried at Almar)?

                  Also does anyone know if any stores carry Capital stoves?

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                    Check with Tzanet. Apparently they can arrange for custom made professional ranges to be installed in a home kitchen. I don't know if they carry the brands you're asking about but it won't hurt to ask and they can give you some good leads.

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                      Why not call the Canadian distributor for Capital and ask about local representation!

                      ALEX BROWN

                      Integrated Appliances Ltd.
                      501 Oakdale Road
                      Toronto, Ontario M3N 1W7
                      Phone: (800) 268-4086
                      email: info@integratedappliances.ca

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                        I called Integrated earlier this week (after I posted). Maison Ethier carries them in St. Basile Le Grand.