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Jul 22, 2009 10:37 AM

1st time to Ft. Lauderdale

Hi everyone,

We are two 30-something year old ladies traveling to Ft. Lauderdale for a long weekend in August. First time for both of us. Staying at the W Hotel, no car, relying on water taxis, taxis, and walking. We are looking for a bunch of different suggestions - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cheap eats, upscale eats, everything in between. Looking for American, Sushi, Seafood, Cuban, Spanish, Mediterranean food. Thanks! Let me know your top picks!

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  1. I have one that I really love busy ,pricey but fun
    then there is Quarterdeck touristy but i have had many great times there And the chowfather wrote a blog on steak954
    check it out he will also have some good recs

    1. I also enjoy going to Coconuts, great atmosphere. Nice because it's on the water but not beachfront, so less noisy, less windy and better quality food that most of the beach front restaurants. It's not as expensive as the upscale places in the hotels (i.e. Steak954). I think the water taxi may take you here.

      Casablanca Cafe also has a great atmosphere, it is on the beach. Mediterranean style food. The water taxi will take you near here as well.

      Coco Asian Bistro is great for Thai and Sushi. Beautiful inside but not on the water. Really great sushi

      Las Olas will offer you several blocks of walking, shopping, sipping cocktails, eating and people watching. Not many spectacular places to dine. Kilwins has great ice cream. Smith and Jones is a nice, casual eatery.

      Enjoy your stay.

      1. Thank you both! They all sound great! Will report back in a few weeks!

        1. I would recommend for a nice higher end meal but at a reasonable price

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            I second that! Las Olas Cafe is a beautiful restaurant--small, intimate, lots of old world charm. It's like an oasis of real in the midst of shops that try a bit to hard. The menu is very nice. I had the spinach and pine nut ravioli, husband had the mahi mahi. Both--especially my sauce-- were perfectly cooked and tasty. Excellent, friendly service too.

            For breakfast, you gotta experience the Floridian, also on Las Olas at 13th.

          2. The crepe restaurant on Las Olas for breakfast/brunch is very nice. Smith & Jones has live (and excellent) music on Friday nights. I'm not too big on Quarterdeck, I think the food is midiocre at best. Casa de Angelo is a taxi from where you are, but delicious Italian. Also for upscale and excellent Mexican in F.L. is Eduardo San Angel.
            Enjoy your visit!