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Jul 22, 2009 10:26 AM

New Cuisianrt ELITE Food Processor?

Have been surfing for a new food processor and have come across a Cuisinart ELITE which is approximately 16 cups, has three work bowls of different sizes. The Cuisinart web site says its coming soon, but various stores already list it on their sites. Anybody have one yet?

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  1. Danybear, there are two different versions. Williams and Sonoma has an exclusive on the Cuisinart 16-cup Elite FP (which has the three nesting bowls at 4.5 cups, 13 cups, & 16cups).

    The version you see on Cuisinart's website appears to be slightly smaller in the bowl sizing (possibly offering nesting bowls at 4.5 cups, 11 cups, 14 cups). However, I believe the machines will not differ very much from the that. With the non-exclusive Elite FP being smaller than W&S version, I would guess the price tag should be under $299.

    You can visit Kitchen Audition's (google) website to get a full-featured review [and no, I am not associated with the website but I have just become an uber fan of the ELITE FP and disparately want to own one].

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      Many thanx for the Kitchen Audition web address, a fantastic address. I just got a call from Williams Sonoma here in Toronto telling me they have them in stock for $429.95 Canadian. Now to decide if I buy it tomorrow or wait till my friend from Detroit come to visit!

    2. I would like to know how it differs from the kitchenaid which already has the nesting bowls as well as a juicer.

      1. There is also a 12 cup version with two bowls which is the one I want. Cuisinart said it will be available the end of September. Wish I could get one now ;-(. The Cuisinart has more power at 1000 watts than the KA, and locking blade which keeps the blade in when you turn the bowl over. It also has adjustable slicing disc and a reversible shredding disc for two sizes of shredding.

        Seems Cuisinart is really going after KA with their new stand mixer and now this processor. It's a better machine than the KA and also has a non leaking bowl that can be filled to the top..

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        1. re: blondelle

          I can see where my KA could have a few improvements, but I do like having fresh orange juice each morning. Also, I don't think I need two machines on my counter, so how would I get rid of the old one economically?

          1. re: mytymyt

            previous Cuisnarts have hada juicer tool, maybe this new one does too. I am going for the size, non leaking bowls aspect and POWER!

        2. I'd be curious to know if the plunger mechanism locks and unlocks more easily on this model than on previous editions. I curse every time I have to wrangle with mine to get the machine to start.

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          1. re: Velda Mae

            I just picked up one of these FP's last week. By plunger do you mean the feed tube insert? If so there is a small piece of plastic at the top of the tube that you slide backwards 1/4" to lock and push forward to unlock. If that makes sense...