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Cheapest mascarpone cheese

I went to Superstore and bought a tub (450g) of mascarpone cheese and it costs me $12.99. Can anyone tell me where I can find mascarpone cheese much cheaper? Thanks.

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  1. Italy? Seriously, that's about what is costs. You won't find it "much" cheaper.

    1. I bought a 475 gram tub of it from Costco for about $9.00 recently.

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      1. re: Full tummy

        Hi Full Tummy, have you bought it since? I go to Costco often, but haven't really looked for it, until now, as I want to make tiramisu (and I don`t like to sub cream cheese).

        1. re: red dragon

          Red Dragon,

          I buy it all the time at the Queensway Costco, it almost always seems to be there and I think its actually about $6-7.

          1. re: To Market To Market

            Hi - I went to the Costco in Markham and they didn't sell it, perhaps I need to try another location. Queensway is far for me, but thank you for letting me know that other locations have it!

      2. At Brunos they have Tre Stelle 275g tubs for $3.69. Just over $7 for 550g is a good deal!

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          That's a good price too, thank you. Who knew it was so expensive huh?

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            Where's Brunos? I typically pay $9-10 for a tub

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              Here is a link to 5 locations in GTA, none of them are close to me though:

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              Hi! What other things do they carry @ Brunos. The Richmond Hill location is pretty close one that I can go to. Thanks!

            3. Have you tried making your own? That's what I do all you need is homo milk, a thermometer, cheesecloth (or coffee filters) and time. It's way cheaper and tastier.

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                Hi LexiFirefly, can you share the recipe with me? Many thanks!

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                  It takes some time but it really is better (and cheaper) than anything you will find in the stores here.

              2. FreshCo and No Frills routinely sell it for 7$ when on Sale or 9$ normally.
                CostCo is on Queensway had it for less I recall. Other option would be Grande Cheese Co which has it for 7-8$ from what I recall.