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Jul 22, 2009 09:32 AM

Pepe's Pizza in New Haven

What a dissapointment! Maybe it's all the hype I've heard, but it certainly was far from the best pizza i've ever eaten. The crust was doughy and uncooked in spots, thin in others and the outer crust black in most spots. I was expected a thin crust and it was not.
Maybe I had too high of an expectation, I would not return or recommend.
Carminuccio's in Newtown was soo much better and that is where we will go regularly!

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Pepe's pie and eat regularly at both their NH and Fairfield locations. However, I had a similar experience at the Fairfield branch on Sunday night. Pie could have done with another 5 mins in the oven. Came out a little under-cooked from what I normally expect. I'm hoping this was an aberration. I ordered a medium...which is quite a large pie. Maybe 2 smalls is the way to go on nights when the place is packed and they are slinging pies in and out the oven quickstyle.

    Still, that's no excuse. I will be back there soon to revaluate.

    Also, they need to sort out their draft beer policy. If you don't want a full pitcher, you can only get a draft beer served in what is bordering on a shot glass. Ridiculous. 2 sips and its gone. And it's like 3 bucks a shot! Stop gouging your customers and start serving pints Pepe's!!

    1. I dine regularly at the NH and Fairfield locations and have never experienced this. it seems to me the reasonable thing to do if you are served an undercooked or overcooked or poorly cooked pizza (or anything else for that matter) is to send it back with instructions to get it right. btw pepe's crust is not thin by any means though not deep dish either and the black on the back of the crust is one of pepe's trademarks.

      1. I really don't think that the wait and the crummy service is really fair payment for okay/good pizza. Ingredients are of good quality but Pepe's is not New Haven's best. Sally's offers a much better pie but again you are tortured in line for hours to get it. Modern is a little less masochistic with an excellent pizza pie. My favorite hands down is Crosby or Louie and Ernies on Crosby Ave, bronx. Cheap, great and no pain to get it. Now Fairfield? Pepe's is really the best in town. That's CT for you. =)

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          Another thumbs up for Louie and Ernie's! One of the owners where I work is in his 70's, from Italy, this is the only pizza he'll bring into the office. Their sausage pizza is about as perfect as it gets for me.

          1. re: yngvai

            Louie and Ernie's is awesome and my faith is strengthened by your statement yngvai. I haven't had the sausage yet. I always get cheese and a coors light. Must try it. The place hasn't changed and it's second generation I believe so it's the real deal.

        2. I guess I just prefer a N.Y. style pizza to what is considered NH pizza. We ordered large pies because we wanted to bring leftovers home as we were expecting to really be wowed. As far as the blacked edges, having the bottom of the pie get a little crusty is good, but having the crust burned to carbon is inedible. The service was very lacking, I waited tables for years and know that you don't treat people like this. I asked our waiter what he recommended (i.e. most popular combo of toppings?) He replied "pizza". what a jerk, after waiting in line for an hour we had a really crappy experience and a bunch of leftover pizza in my fridge that is barely edible.

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            I'm sorry but not surprised. The last time I was there it was lunch, weekday and not too busy. Ordered a pizza pie and a beer. About 15 min before I was set to leave, and when I ordered my second beverage I ordered a cheese to go and was told :


            They could not do it. Huh? What's that all about? Ran out of sauce? Oven broke? Bomb scare? None of the above. Just too snobby and I don't need to pay for that, it's given freely, gratis.

            1. re: missychacha

              Too snobby to make you a pizza? Ummm...that sounds a bit strange that they just outright refused to make you one because they were being, ummm, "snobs".

              Anyway....I love Pepe's and have always had great service at the New Haven location. Great pizza and great service. My only complaint has been the small glasses that they serve the drinks in. An infant could drink 10 of those and still be thirsty.

              1. re: chloe4ever

                I guess it's just a matter of taste. I definitely prefer N.Y. style pizza. A thinner crust thats not so doughy.

                1. re: foodsnob14

                  Pepe's is not the best example of New Haven pizza. Their white clam pizza is still top notch on good days, but consistency has declined and the pizza has become more doughy and noticeably thicker since the establishment turned into a chain 5-10 years ago.

                  In my opinion Sally's, on the other hand, is still a notch above any of the "famous" pizzerias I have tried in NYC, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston, Naples, Rome or any other city for that matter.

                  I still enjoy Pepe's, I'm just saying it's probably not the best pizza on the planet anymore.