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Jul 22, 2009 09:31 AM

Pacific Heights/Ft. Mason Good Food, Reading

I'm stuck in Pac Heights, Ft. Mason for awhile this evening and need a place to eat and read.

So what I need specifically is:

- delicious food
- good lighting
- a place that will let me linger
- not too social a place so I'll feel weird by myself reading & so it's quiet.

Basically, a cafe that serves delicious dinner. And I'll be driving so I'm hoping not to spend half the night looking for parking.



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  1. There sure are a lot of places in the 3 miles from one to the other but probably not too many that are quiet. Has anyone been to the Presidio Social Club whose motto is "All the comforts of a club without the dues"?

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    1. re: wolfe

      Really? No cafe that happens to serve really great sandwiches?

      1. re: SarahKC

        Jovino, on Union near Fillmore might work for you. I think there are some reviews on Yelp you could check out. It's kind of half way between Pac Heights and Ft. Mason

        1. re: bobpantzer

          I wonder if there's something up/wrong with how I do search. Because Jovino doesn't have any entries on chowhound according to my search but 220 on yelp. what gives?

          1. re: SarahKC

            Beats me! Maybe it's just too casual a place or not "foodie" enough for chowhounders. Though it's open for dinner, it seems to be more of a breakfast/lunch spot. In fact, I've never been there for dinner, just lunch. There always seem to be singles there working on their computers, so you won't feel uncomfortable sitting alone at a table reading.

      2. re: wolfe

        Presidio Social Club is great. It's very popular, almost always crowded and noisy, so I don't think it will work for the OP. I've always enjoyed the food there--especially the desserts and the wine is priced reasonably.

        1. re: bobpantzer

          Anyone else? Is Jovino really the only option?

          1. re: SarahKC

            Still looking out for you. Does anyone have more to say about The Plant?

            1. re: wolfe

              Yeah, I suppose Plant (used to be name Letus) is an option. It's light enough to read and, I guess the food is good. I have a vegetarian friend who loves it. I, on the other hand, need meat and fat before I can consider it a real meal so I have only been once and there wasn't enough of either to satisfy me.

              1. re: bobpantzer

                Thanks you two! Do you think that The Plant is the kind of place where people chill and read?

                1. re: SarahKC

                  The Grove on Chestnut will have people reading, on their laptops, etc.

                  Decent sandwiches, salads, coffee...a bit pricey and could be a scene but a pretty good option.

                  1. re: tvham

                    Yes, I'd choose Grove over Plant. Great Bacon! No one will pay any attention to someone sitting alone, reading and munching on a BLT. Great Big Cookies, too. Down the street you can get some gelato for a second dessert.

                    1. re: bobpantzer

                      Darn, got this one too late. Anyway, went to Jovino and it was just fine. Thanks for the suggestions!