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Jul 22, 2009 09:26 AM

B&B, should have skipped it...

So went to B&B last night before seeing Phantom. I was very excited to be going to a Mario Batali restaruant last night. Got to the restaurant and was told they would prepare a special table for us, and we were taken back. My wife is newly pregnant, so wine is just not an option right now. We asked for the decaf options to drink, and were given quite the look of distain.

They have a Pre Theatre menu, designed for a good quick meal. We ordered our first course, I had the Vegitable Frito Misto, my wife the salad. The Vegatable Frito Misto was the highlight of the meal, the vegatables had exactly the right amount of crunh to them. The flavor was on point. The sauce that came out was amazing.

My wifes mixed green salad, was boring and uninspired. It was no more of a salad then one would get at the Olive Garden.

The meal course consisted of the 'Brasato al Barolo' for me and my wife had Housemade Pappardelle Bolognese. If there was a winner here it was my wife, although neither dish was something I would order again. The pasta was cooked well, but there was very little sauce. As for the short rib, it was like my own potroast. The horseradich was extremely mild.

The service was inattentive as well, the person who was obviously the manager, stood ackwardly watching the floor, but never asked a thing abotu the meal. The servers stood and talked about several topics, in earshot, meanwhile my drink glass was empty, and I eventually had to call across to get attention.

So lets hope tonights dinner is a step above. Picasso is on tap.

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  1. Picasso has been consistently good so I hope you will enjoy it better than B&B although when I was there with my girlfriend we really liked it, especially the beef cheeks.

    1. Picasso will not disappoint you. I least I hope it won't.

      I've dined at B&B 3-times now and will likely not go back. They've never been able to put together the whole package. I've had great food and mediocre service and vice versa. The prices they charge warrant the entire package. Both Bartolotta and Sinatra have given me the entire package in the Italian food department.

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        I must add though, that the mint love letters appetizer is downright legendary and I will likely be found at the bar sometime enjoying that dish with a glass of Italian vino.

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          we went to B&B for the first time a few weeks ago. They definitely put up the complete package for us. Probably the best meal I've ever had, all things considered. And probably one of the most expensive...we had 4 great bottles of wine between the 4 of us, and 11 dishes. Service was spectacular and the majority of the food was to die for. No nitpicks from me.
          I suspect the sad reality is that in many places you won't get the attention from the staff in a small party not ordering a lot of alcohol and food.
          Restaurants like this should be able to deliver to everyone, every time, but I feel like they often put their best waitstaff on the large party of alcoholics...

        2. Count me as a "I'll never be back" customer. First, they stuck us in the "wine room" where I actually had to get up from my very cramped seat so that someone could get a bottle of wine for another customer. There should not have been a table there in the first place. Secondly, my wife's food was very good but mine was mediocre. Our main waitress was great but the rest of the staff apparently didn't care one way or the other. We've been to Babbo and were very pleased on every level. Given the competition in Vegas there is no reason for us to go back!

          1. well, service aside... i think maybe you guys ordered wrong. if you wanted exciting and inspired, maybe something other than a mixed green salad, fried vegetables, braised beef, and pasta bolognese would have been a better choice.

            i don't want to be a mario batali apologist or anything, but seems odd to complain about a mixed green salad as unexciting.

            oh wait, just noticed that you said its a pre-theatre menu... those are never exciting, are they?

            1. I've been twice and won't go back. It didn't have so much to do with the food but I find it quite annoying that one person can't get a pasta tasting and the other the regular tasting. Just seems strange. What ruined it was I had the same awful server both times. This guy does not fit the restaurant at all. He should be working at the pink taco at Hard Rock. Punk rock style and huge earrings. I asked about a certain dish and all he replied with was it was good. Great explanation buddy thank you for that valuable info. The first time we went he proceeded to tap his pen on my menu while explaining things. Just thinking about it gets me annoyed and this was 2 years ago. I really hope they got rid of him so no one has to suffer through his terrible service.