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Jul 22, 2009 09:04 AM

[MSP] Pet friendly patios along lake street?

Ill be doing some dog-sitting nearish to Lake/Hiawatha and was wondering if anyone had any experience with nearby restaurants with outdoor seating that were ok with well behaved dogs? Ive never been to craftsman's patio and feel like TTD's is a bit cramped to accommodate the beast (though shes not huge shes not a toy or anything). Is there something in that general area that would have both good food and be amenable to a four legged friend?

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  1. Longfellow Grill and Pizza Luce Seward are the only options that come to mind. Craftsman's patio is spacious enough, but I can't recall if there is sidewalk access, which I would assume is the difference maker there. Does Gandhi Mahal have outdoor seating?

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      We ended up on craftsman's patio last night, sans dog. We were having such a good time we forgot to ask if it would have been ok had we brought her. You can access the patio from around the back so it would have been possible to bring her back there without walking through the dining room, and there is definitely plenty of room on their lovely patio, if they are ok with it.

      charcuterie was good as ever, the lamb terrine, coppa and sopressatta were real standouts.

    2. Just ate at Joes Garage. There were several dogs on the roof (Just want you to know I love dogs, I have 2 dogs myself) One in particular stood out as it kept throwing up while we were eating. The owner just kept cleaning it up and the dog kept throwing up. YUCK!!! It totally ruined our mediocre dinner, and several other diners around us. I am not sure if it is even OK to bring the dog through the entire restaurant in order to get on the roof. This is the last time I will be eating/drinking there even though it is a wonderful outdoor space for a beautiful night like tonight.