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Jul 22, 2009 08:51 AM

too much bacon!

I picked up some dry cure bacon yesterday for 50p, but its sell-by date was yesterday.
If I cook it now, will it keep better?
Also, any recipes?

And the same with lemons - I have 15. If I juice them, will that stay longer? I could even freeze it if neccessary

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  1. Oh, would that I had the problem of too much bacon...!

    Use what you need and freeze the rest. I’m thinking freezing it raw would be better than freezing it cooked, but it depends on how soon you’re going to serve it to these 50 people.

    I’d do the same with the lemons, juice and freeze.

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    1. re: cuccubear

      lol, not for 50 people! 50p is like saying 50cents in england :D

      Ok, I might freeze, there's only 8 slices, but I'll have to figure a way to seperate them.

      If I do cook them (maybe oven with brown sugar?) how long will they last?

      1. re: Soop

        Oops! sorry! Had I checked your profile I'd have seen you were in London. ;-)

        Of course, 50"p" !

      2. re: cuccubear

        freezing bacon does not guarantee that you will be able to keep it from going off. The problem is the fat content. It does not freeze as solidly in a home freezer as it would in a commercial freezer.

        I'd probably cook it all and then refrigerate. Use it as a garnish, on sandwiches etc. Candies bacon is addictive and Vosges in Chicago makes a chocolate bacon bar that is divine. It is so popular you cannot count on getting one anytime you want one. You have to buy several to have when the craving hits.

        1. re: Candy

          That's interesting, Candy, as I've frozen streaky (side) bacon well before its sell by date and then had to toss it when I thawed it and fried it. I now put it all in the basement chest freezer and it seems to do better (much colder freezer than the kitchen fridge one).

      3. I saw a show on the food network for candied bacon. Sounded interesting.

        1. I always store my bacon in the freezer and it keeps for ages but, if it's starting to get a little slimy I'd cook it all now. I recently cooked up a batch of bacon bits and keep those in the freezer for adding to soups or salads.

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          1. re: TasterB

            Thanks for the candied bacon recipe link, m_c. I had it recently in a dessert -- so good.

            I think the OP meant 50 pence, not people...

          2. Bargain at 50p!

            I presume it is the "sell-by" not "use-by" date? In which case, you've several days left keeping it in the fridge. If you can't use it in the next few days, then yes it'll freeze well.

            As you're asking for recipes, I assume you're not wanting it for the "full English"? One of our easy stand-bys at Chateau Harters is Delia Smith's macaroni cheese with courgettes and bacon.

            Cook your pasta. Make some breadcrumbs. Make a cheese sauce (using the strongest cheddar you can get your hands on at a reasonable price - Keens, Quicks or Montgomery in most supermarkets. Fry some courgettes, garlic and bacon. Mix and put in a heatproof serving dish. Mix the breadcrumbs with a little cayenne pepper (or Spanish pimenton) and put on top of the pasta mix. Stick under the grill to crisp up a bit.


            Lemons will stay freshest just as they are without juicing. With so many, you might want to try and find a recipe for something like a lemon chutney. Let it mature for a few months and it should be great with stuff at Christmas (particularly a Boxing Day curry). Assuming that they are fairly thin-skinned, here's a recipe my notes tell me I last made in 1993:

            12 lemons
            1kg onion
            225g raisoins
            0.5 teaspoon rach dry mustard & turmeric
            2 teaspoon Tabasco
            2 teaspoon salt
            1ky soft brown sugar.
            1 ltr spiced malt vinegar (you can get Sarson's pickling vinegar at the supermarket if you don't want to make your own with pickling psice . If you do, use a malt vinegar with at least 5% acidiity)

            Chop the onions and lemons quite finely. Put everything in the cooking pot, except the sugar and half the vinegar. Simmer until the lemon rind is veyr tender. Add the remaining vinegar and the sugar. Simmer away until it's thiock and, erm , chutney like (probably a coupel of hours). I use Kilner jars. You'll need several. This'll keep in the cupboard almost indefinitely. Don't dare touch it for at least 3 months.


            1. Wrap it well (in smaller portions) and toss it in the freezer. It will be fine.

              Lemons. If you are worried you can zest some and take the juice from those and freeze it in ice cube trays and then to a ziploc. Take some fresher ones and preserve them:

              Lucky you.

              You can also cook a bunch up and keep it in the fridge. Use it over the week. I saw a lovely potato, blue cheese and bacon salad on the net the other day...