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Jul 22, 2009 08:36 AM

Pho Saigon in Lee, Mass., anyone?

Looking to expand our food horizons in the area and noticed this place in Lee recently. It looked busy, not the cheapest menu, but if it's good I'll try it. Has anyone been and, if so, what did you think?

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  1. I would say it is solid not spectacular. Nothing will blow you away but nothing disappointing either. Generally have gotten takeout, but eating there is generally pleasant too. The space is somewhat cramped and not exactly high class decor but it is a family run place and feels like it in a good way, very friendly, children of the owners hanging around in the back doing homework, etc.

    I might not make a special long trip to go there but if it is nearby it is worth it.

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        Agree with nfne......nothing wrong with the food but nothing particularly appealing either. I found everything rather bland, and without the usual flair of Vietnamese food.

      2. We live in the area, and like Pho. The staff is friendly. The soups are good. The summer rolls are good too. Had a shrimp dish last week and it was fresh tasting and good. We usually share a few things. I think when it is very busy, the service can be slow, but I am usually there during the week when it is not crowded, and have always been pleased.

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          Thanks: looking for a homey place, not fancy with good food and this sounds like it fills the bill. Not usually in a big hurry. Lee offers some nice alternatives to places in other towns nearby that are fussier and more expensive.

        2. You might try Cakewalk on Main Street also: sandwiches are huge and good, they bake the bread, they make unusual quiches and LARGE salads, and have terrific pastries, as you would not be surprised to find---- that's their original niche!
          Can get crowded, esp. on weekends. Only open for lunch (and, I think, breakfast but we only do lunch).
          Really informal and a REAL place, the opposite of chichi..
          Also --- if it's a microbeers and wings you want, Moe's Tavern is Da Place. Right near Pho Saigon. A vast list of microbeers on tap (nothing you'll find in a supermarket). Great wings (my weakness) and chili dogs, three small ones loaded with chili (my husband's weakness). Again, we do lunch, when it's never crowded. I bet they do a great business when evening comes, it's got a good reputation. Again, the opposite of chichi! Lee is good for that.

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          1. re: BerkshireTsarina

            Thanks! I also like Cakewalk and have heard about Moe's -- will try. Lee is such a nice town. We love Salmon Run, too. We had a light bite (shish kabob plate) at Athena's (Greek diner), have you been? It was quite good, more than pizza and subs.

            1. re: City Kid

              Once for lunch at Athena's, but it was the dead of winter and I think had just opened. So it may deserve another try. Right now though there's another lead to terrific wings --- up in Lanesborough at the Old Forge (another thread). They say it doesn't look like much from Rte 7. That's the truth! But it sounds like inside is another matter. (Lanesborough's a little like Lee----)
              And of course the dream that doesn't die is that Kim's Dragon will reopen on Rte 20 in Pittsfield. Vietnamese food, superb, reasonable, and ---- CLOSED. The sign keeps saying it will reopen. We're not holding our breath, but kind of praying wistfully.

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                Athena is ok, but for similar food done much better try Panaiyotis (sp?) on Main St in Lee - a touch more expensive but also with a more extensive menu and I think of higher quality.