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Jul 22, 2009 08:34 AM

Yet another Yorkville post- upscale dinner options with decent food- at a similar price/quality/comfort level to Caren's or L'Unita...where else?

Curious about dinner suggestions that are walkable from the ROM besides Caren's, Avenue, and L'Unita, that draw a mostly 30something-40something crowd? Just wondering if I'm missing anything in the neighbourhood.

I realize that Bar Mercurio is also walkable from the ROM but I wasn't that impressed with my last meal. Harbord is also walkable, and has generally better food options, but it puts me in an inconvenient location for getting to the subway after dinner.

I'd like to keep the cost to $25 and under for mains, $20 and under for starters- and don't really want to head to a splurge resto on Prince Arthur like Opus or Fieramosca.

No recs for Hemingway's/Remy's please.

Has anyone ordered anything off the bar food menu at C5 lately? Is there anything on the current dinner menu or bar food menu C5 that you'd recommend?

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  1. There's a new chef at Cafe Nervosa who is supposed to be doing a good job. Looks like they're rebranding as Trattoria Nervosa. I can't vouch firsthand, but it might be worth a try:

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    1. re: Rabbit

      Thanks, Rabbit.

      Haven't been to Cafe Nervosa for about 7 years, and didn't realize they have a new chef.

      The pastas on the new menu at Nervosa look interesting to me- lamb crespelle, the tagliatelle, and the house-made ravioli. Happy to see they are keeping the pastas $18.50 and under. (I thought the pricing at L'Unita for pasta was a little steep, charging somewhere between $20-$25 for pasta)The meats and poultry look like they are more carefully sourced than some other Yorkville restos. Nice to see they offer an Italian cheese plate, too.

      Will report back after I try Nervosa.

      1. re: phoenikia

        Tried Trattoria Nervosa tonight. We were seated on the upper balcony, which has a great atmosphere, and a bit of a view.

        I was happy to see peach and pear nectar on the beverage menu, in addition to the usual soft drinks.

        I ordered the tagliatelle with porcini sauce- lots of mushrooms, and shards of parmiggiano on top. Not bad- not great. Nothing wrong with it, but not exactly tasty enough to order again. It was pretty much the same quality as my last meal at Caffe Nervosa 7 years ago and roughly the same quality as my last meal at Dimmi.

        I like the food and atmosphere at L'Unita a little more than Trattoria Nervosa, and think that L'Unita is probably worth the extra cost if you're looking for somewhere to eat in Yorkville. That being said, I wouldn't travel out of my way to eat at L'Unita. Fine for what it is, where it is, but not a destination restaurant in my books.

        1. re: phoenikia

          Phoenikia: have you tried Toni Bulloni's (right across from the Cumberland)?. I liked my meal there better than Cafe Nervosa. It's not spectacular but fairly decent and would definitely fit into the price perimeters you've outlined.

          1. re: fickle

            Hi fickle- thanks for the recommendation. I haven't tried Toni Bulloni's yet, although I've walked past its door many times. Will keep it in mind next time I'm destined to eat in Yorkville:)

          2. re: phoenikia

            Thanks for the report... although I'm sorry to hear it was less-than. I like L'Unita too!

            1. re: Rabbit

              Oh, no worries, Rabbit. I was happy to give them another try, especially since both the chef and the menu had changed.

              I'd say Trattoria Nervosa meets the Yorkville standard- I entered the place with my expectations set for a mid-priced Yorkville establishment, which Nervosa met.

              Over the past few years, I've learned to adjust my expectations depending on the neighbourhood/city/province/type of restaurant, so I can avoid at least some culinary disappointments :-)

        2. re: Rabbit

          I went to Cafe Nervosa about a month ago. We usually go every couple of months for team lunchs and and the quality has been very consistent. A pretty decent option in Yorkville.

          1. re: cecilia

            Try the Octopus appetizer, soooo good.

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