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Jul 22, 2009 08:24 AM

Barbecue between Greenville SC and Asheville NC

Can anyone recommend good barbecue joints / shacks between Greenville SC and Asheville NC?

We're driving up to Asheville and want to meet up with a friend from Spartanburg for lunch somewhere between the three cities

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  1. I've read really good things here about a BBQ place in Flat Rock, but can't recall the name. It's in or near Rainbow Row, iirc. I'm sure someone will be along soon to give us a name and review.

    There is also Green River BBQ in Saluda. It's pretty good, but not the best. They have excellent sides for the most part.

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      The place in Flat Rock is Hubba Hubba. It is behind "rainbow row" where the Wrinkled Egg, Flat Rock Bakery, etc, is.

      Remember many places are closed on Sundays, so be sure to check hours if you (OP) were planning on a Sunday.

    2. The Hunt Camp near Travelers Rest is amazing!

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        There's not much between Greenville and Asheville that I know of. I have not tried the Traveler's Rest rec. Seems like Flat Rock would be a pretty good drive for the Spartanburg friend, in which case I'd try to get them just to push on for an extra 20 or so mins into Asheville for BBQ at 12 Bones.

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          probably also depends on whether they are trying to meet somewhere off of I-26 or rt. 25. One note about Hubba Hubba is that last I knew, it was all outdoor seating. If they DO want to go farther north, they could go to the 12 Bones in Arden to save them going all the way to A'ville.

          Green River is probably the most central, but I don't know about other places in Tryon or Saluda. My husband likes Green River, but we are certainly not BBQ experts. :)

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          i was driving down route 25 - i think - and i spotted the sign - so i slammed on the brakes and pulled a couple of gs making the turn into the parking lot and ran in for a pulled pork sandwich to go

          i had it without any added sauce - the meat was tender and moist, with a pleasant vinegary flavor -

          the bun was of the hamburger variety - but that is part of the charm

          thank you for the recommendation -

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            thanks for the report. The place on 25 above TR is very near my house. Honestly, I've been too skeptical to try it. It looks pretty 'necky and long (LONG) experience of eating in the immediate area of my home leads me to automatically expect suckage.

            So, could you see any fat on the bbq? did it have any smoke on it? Thanks!

            Oh, KyMikey...I agree. Hubba Hubba and 12 Bones are very good, Green River was crappy when I gave up on it years ago, can't speak to whether it has improved, but I haven't bothered to find out. Maybe I should, though, since Wildflower is gone, my Saluda choices have dwindled.

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                yeah, it's tragic. The owner sold the building (lease?) to the lady who owned Tosh's whistle stop cafe just down the street. She's a really nice person and I'm sorry that her business is not doing well, but she totally doesn't care about what she serves. Sometimes she will sell you a sticky bun from wildflower, but usually they are really old, and normally she is just pushing the cinamon rolls she buys frozen from Sams. The "eggs" she serves are pre-cooked egg-like patties. I'm not sure exactly WHAT they are, but I'll never order anything w/ an "egg" off the menu again. The tea is watered down.

                I understand that Wildflower is providing a few sweets and savories to the Wine Room at Saluda Inn, a new venture just getting off the ground on Fri and Sat. I haven't had a chance to check that out yet. Also, the Wine store that moved into the old Whistlestop carries the stickies, but again, the one I had there was stale.


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                  I am Cynthia the owner of Toshs Whistle Stop Cafe in Saluda NC.
                  First of all my business is doing great, as it has for 8 years now. The cinnamon rolls are hand rolled by me, not bought at Sams. The eggs are fresh eggs that are scrambled and then put in an egg ring on the flat top. Our tea is brewed fresh every morning. The stickie bun dough is bought from Wildflour and we bake it off fresh on the mornings we carry them. I offer the cinnamon buns because some people do not like the heavy bread dough the stickies are made from. They are not stale just heavy dough.Different people have different tastes.

        3. I would definitely pass on Green River BBQ (Saluda) but I strongly second the reccs for Hubba Hubba and 12 Bones which are both fairly close to I-26. 12 Bones has a pretty good selection of eveything, beers included, and Hubba Hubba , altho limited outdoor seating, does things a little different (e.g. their coarse cole slaw, cornbread) but worth a trip to (it sits below the road behind the bakery) Somewhat limited hours at HH (11-3 )Let us know after your trip and what you liked/disliked.

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            Green River is still crappy. I third (or is it fourth?) the 12-Bones and Hubba Hubba recs.!