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Jul 22, 2009 08:12 AM

Tasting menu - $75-$100

Looking for a great tasting menu for around $75 - $100, excluding wine. I've already looked at what's been posted before but lots are currently closed, aren't true tasting menus but rather prix fixe meals, etc. thanks.

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  1. How do you define a tasting menu vs. prix fixe? Number of courses? Choices vs. no choices/substitutions?

    Allen & Delancey has 6 courses for $82

    Aquavit's Chef's Tasting at dinner is 8 courses and $105, they also have a lunch time tasting for $58 for 5 courses:

    Falai has the Menu Fantasia which is a 9 course menu offered for $80.

    Insieme's Pasta Tasting is 6 courses for $68

    Felidia has a 6 Course Tasting Menu for $85

    The Bar Room at the Modern has a 5 course menu for $58, and
    Degustation has a 5 course tasting for $50 and a 10 course tasting for $75. Note they have no web site.

    Esca has a 6 course tasting menu for $75.

    Telepan's 5 Course Tasting Menu is $69.

    Maze at Gordon Ramsay offers a 5 course menu for $70.00 per person

    Dovetail offers 6 courses for $88

    Babbo's tasting is $69 per person for the pasta tasting (8 courses) or $75 for the chef's tasting (8 courses).

    The Tabla r tasting is 7 courses for $89 at dinner. Note that it is offered in both the formal dining room and the more casual Bread Bar. The formal dining room also has a vegetarian tasting for $79 which looks to be 5 courses.

    Momofuku Ssam Bar will create a tasting for you that is about $70-75. I think it is 8 courses and I've heard reports that they will send out different dishes, one for you, and one for your companion, so you can try even more items.

    Momofuku Ko's dinner tasting menu is $100 for 9 courses.

    Devi's chef's tasting is $85. I believe it is 6 courses.

    Hearth currently has a 5 course fava bean (!) tasting menu for $82.

    Gramercy Tavern has a 5 course lunch tasting that is only $55. Their dinner time chef's tasting is over your boundaries, but their dinner time vegetable tasting (vegetables are the focus but it is not exclusively vegetarian) is only $92.

    The Eleven Madison Park tasting menus are out of your range for dinner but you can do one for lunch, 5 courses for $68.

    Blue Hill's Farmer's Feast is 5 courses, and I think it's just under $100 but I would call and ask.

    The brand new Kajitsu has 8 courses for $70:

    Sugiyama has their 8 Course Modern Kaiseki for $75.

    Lan has a chef's tasting of 7 courses for $48:

    IIRC Ushiwakamaru has two tasting menus, a $75 menu and a $100 menu.

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      Bravo, Kathryn for composing such a comprehensive list. I would add Bouley's $95 prix-fixe. Looks very yummy to me!

      1. re: kathryn

        I have nothing to add resto wise. I just wanted to compliment kathryn on this AMAZING list

        1. re: kathryn

          Amazing, comprehensive list. I checked the Blue Hill @ S.B. site and it's $105 for 5 courses, $135 for Farmers Feast

          1. re: misnatalie

            Do you know if BH at Stone Barns is usually more or less expensive than the NYC branch?

            1. re: kathryn

              The NY locations has app, entree, and dessert options where as Stone Barns has no set menu -you only get to choose the number of courses. You could choose a single entree in NY making it less that the minimum 5 courses for dinner at Stone Barns

        2. Degustation is another option. 5 courses is $50, 8-10 courses for $75.

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            I was going to suggest Degustation too - but actually it is already on Kathryn's list!

            A very comprehensive list indeed! Well done Kathryn!

          2. Sho Shaun Hergatt currently offers a 5 course tasting menu for $95, which for the quality of the dishes, is a fantastic value.

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              Wow - kathryn's list is amazing.

              Depending on how often you get into nyc, I've had a lot of those meals and the one I most talk about still is EMP. Lunch there is a great option and the five courses plus amuse, etc. is tremendously filling.

              If you love Indian food and you will get to do EMP another time, Tabla is not bad, but Devi is wonderful. The cauliflower, lamb chops, and Emperor's Morsel dessert can make me drool even when I am full.

            2. True to form, kathryn, you've done a terrific job of putting together a very comprehensive list. I would add the following:

              Chanterelle - 5 courses and tea or coffee = $95pp

              Dovetail - 6 courses = $88pp


     (Note: They're closing in mid-August for a spruce-up and will reopen late October in time to celebrate their 30th anniversary in November.


              Jean Georges - Lunch is 2 courses for $28, additional courses are $14 each, and desserts are each $8. One could easily assemble a tasting menu of one's own choosing within the stated budget. For example, six savory courses + two desserts = $100pp.


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                One caution on the Jean Georges idea--and this is no knock on the place, as I was just lucky enough to do the lunch there a couple of weeks ago and agree that it is a delicious delicious bargain. But one of the hallmarks of a tasting menu is that the portions are downsized appropriately given the number of courses you'll be having. The JG lunch courses are, IMO, sized to be right for lunch at two or three courses--ordering six courses plus two desserts would force me to have the self-restraint to leave at least half of each course on the plate...

                1. re: planetjess

                  From my experience, there are many dishes on the Jean Georges lunch menu that are quite small. A few bites, and you're done. Others are more substantial and seem to be on the latter half of the menu. I was only giving an example of the most you could order for $100. You could do four savories + one dessert . Cost: $64.