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Jul 22, 2009 08:05 AM

Frozen yogurt in Cleveland?

Just moved from LA to Cleveland, and already I'm missing west coast standards like great sushi, korean, chinese... Most of all, I miss the natural frozen yogurt like Pinkberry and Red Mango, the craze that has seemed to hit every other city in America except this place. Does any one out there know of any frozen yogurt shops in Cleveland? And is the food scene in Cleveland really this dead compared to other cities or am I completely missing something? Thanks for any inside info you can give me...

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  1. Pacific East has very good sushi. I haven't been to Korea House in a long time but I remember many good meals there. I haven't been to Siam Cafe in a while either but they have excellent Chinese food (and excellent Vietnamese food). So yes, Cleveland isn't Los Angeles and the contrast may be most stark in Asian cuisine. And Latin American cuisine. And well, come on... Los Angeles is huge. Still, those three restaurants can put out food on par with what I've had in larger cities.

    So you're never going to find many regional Chinese specialties. You can't decide that you're in the mood for Restaurant X's rendition of your favorite dish even though Restaurant Y's rendition is also good. And you can't pop around the corner for great Chinese food. But there is one excellent Chinese restaurant. One great Mexican restaurant. One good hamburger. A couple good contemporary American restaurants... There's enough food if you're willing to drive a little but probably not as much driving as you're used to. And there's enough food that, if you're willing to look closely enough, I think you'll agree that the food scene isn't dead.

    Anyway, the question was yogurt, right? I don't know. I've been to Swirl Cupcakes but I didn't have the yogurt. My cupcake was unremarkable. I read that they have the sort of yogurt you're interested in and as far as I'm aware, they would be the only option. The operation is basically a permanent hut in a small outdoor food court in a large "lifestyle center." Even though my cupcake was disappointing, I may go back and try the yogurt.

    Apparently, we're frozen custard people out here in The Heartland.

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      I realize that I didn't name the Korean places - Korea House is one of them. Stuart - have you been to Seoul Hot Pot lately? This is a way cool place that started out as a pizza joint, until the Korean owners gave in to requests from local Korean college students for their favorites. 3709 Payne Ave. Cleveland, OH, (216) 881-1221. Also - I forgot about the "new" Korean place in town, which I haven't tried yet, Ha Ahn, 3030 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH (216) 664-1152.

      1. re: NancyH

        I've been to all three but none recently. I'm very fragile. Even after a string of excellent meal, a couple mediocre meals scares me away. My favorite was always Korea House. I had some really excellent meals there over the years. I've only eaten at Seoul Hot Pot a handful of times and everything was good. It's great that they started serving Korean food but it would have been nice if they'd kept the pizza thing, too. Kimchi pizza, anyone? I've only read about it but it sounds great. And I bet bulgogi pizza would be pretty good, too.

        I went to Ha Ahn once and it was only okay but I think they deserve another visit. They had some menu items that were intriguing.

      2. re: stuart

        Hark! A ray of hope. Lemonberry Frozen Yogurt is set to open in August.

      3. Can't help with the frozen yogurt - I'm not a big fan. But we certainly have great sushi and Chinese choices, and two Korean restaurants that get good reviews (I haven't been to either in several years). For sushi, Pacific East in Coventry and Eaton are both excellent, as is Shuhei. For Chinese, the best in town right now is in Asiatown - Wonton Gourmet, and Chinese bakery is Koko Bakery.

        We also have two excellent Cambodian restaurants (same owners both locations) - Phnom Pehn. We have excellent Vietnamese choices in No. 1 Pho, Superior Pho, and Khiems.

        Finally, Siam Cafe is sort of eclectic - the chef/owner was born and raised in Vietnam by Chinese parents, and learned to cook in France - the menu reflects several Asian cuisines and they are all done well; they also have a large fresh fish/seafood tank.

        Check out for links to more Asian places.

        Siam Cafe
        3951 Saint Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH 44114

        Pacific East Japanese Rstrnt
        1763 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

        Wonton Gourmet and BBQ
        3211 Payne Ave, Cleveland, OH

        Pho Superior Restaurant
        3030 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114

        Phnom Penh
        1929 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

        Phnom Penh Restaurant
        13124 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH 44111

        Pacific East Japanese Restaurant
        28601 Chagrin Blvd Ste 850, Beachwood, OH 44122

        Shuhei Restaurant
        23360 Chagrin Blvd, Beachwood, OH 44122

        Koko Bakery
        3710 Payne Ave, Cleveland, OH

        Number One Pho
        3120 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44114

        Khiem Vietnamese Cuisine
        13735 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

        1. Which part of town do you live in? If on the Westside, I'd recommend Swirl at Crocker Park. Its a kiosk near the Barnes and Noble. They have 2 flavors of yogurt, tart and berry, and then lots of fresh fruit and candy toppings. Its pay by the ounce.

          1. Thanks everyone for the excellent responses. I was willing to drive to Pittsburgh for yogurt, but no longer. No matter where you're coming from, you can always count on Chowhound posters for informative, timely replies.

            I recently moved to the Eastside near Cedar/ Fairmount. I've been here a month or so, exploring the area, getting my foodie feet wet so to speak. So far, the few places I've researched have turned out to be pretty darn good: Dewey's - tasty, light pizza, Anatolia's for yogurt based Turkish food was very nice and authentic, and Darna for Moroccan in Shaker Sq. was particularly tasty and rec-worthy (except the mediocre flat-bread), I tried the Mint on Coventry and the verdict was excellent on taste, not so much on authenticity (I mean, not to have papaya salad on the menu because "the locals don't like cold food" , this according to the waitstaff, is completely unacceptable for any Thai restaurant). Too many fusion or American style dishes in ethnic restaurants these days is outdated in my opinion. I mean, you always have PFChangs. The one not-so-good sushi place I tried was a Japanese place in Golden Gate Mall off Mayfield called O-something: I prefer nigiri sushi, not rolls, and the fish they served was really sub-par. Oh well.

            On the Westside, the Melt was awesome, plain and simple. The flying fig, while very good on some dishes, underperformed on others - still worth a good rec. Westside Market truly is a cultural gem. But let's be honest, there is no prime beef to be found in that place, and there's a bit too much parody among the produce stalls. Otherwise, it's an awesome place, and the falafel stand is delicious.

            After taking a recent trip to Columbus, I wish Cleveland had something like their North Market with a truly amazing butcher, fish monger, and multiple high-quality ethnic stalls all under one roof.

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              If you liked Dewey's - try Marotta's (which is right up the street). Delicious thin crust pizzas, creative salads and wonderful meat and pasta dishes.

              My favorite Thai place is Bangkok Thai on Mayfield Road in Lyndhurst; people also speak well of Tyfun in Tremont, but I haven't been myself.

              The Japanese place you tried is indeed a very non-stellar place that has gotten by for years (Otani). As I said above, you'll do much better at either Pacific East location or at Shuhei. I was not crazy about the sushi at Saasa Matsu, but I only went once. And their cooked dishes were excellent. There is also a take-out sushi place downtown, near Tower City, that I've heard good things about, though I haven't been.

              Tyfun Thai Bistro
              815 Jefferson Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

              2289 Lee Rd, Cleveland, OH 44118

              1. re: NancyH

                now now nancy. don't forget that OTANI was thee very first place to serve sushi and sashimi in all of ohio, so they were somebody back in the day - lol!

                they later opened a branch in columbus that i think still trundles along down there too.

              2. re: 5monthsleftinla

                For your meat needs, you should check out Mr. Brisket on South Taylor Road in Cleveland Heights. Chef's Choice is also great, but its location in Berea makes it a bit of a hike from the East side (although coming from LA, I'm sure you're used to spending time in the car).

                For Korean, I'd recommend Seoul Hot Pot over Korea House. The former reminds me of the food I grew up eating with my friend's family–real Grandma-style cooking. As others have said, Shuhei or Pacific East are probably the best choices for sushi. Generally, though, Korean and Japanese food aren't particularly strongly represented in Cleveland. If you'd like to try some non-Asian restaurants that represent the local scene very well, try the Greenhouse Tavern or L'Albatros (especially while the outdoor seating at the latter is available).

                The Greenhouse Tavern
                2038 E 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115

                Shuhei Restaurant
                23360 Chagrin Blvd, Beachwood, OH 44122

                Seoul Hot Pot
                3709 Payne Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114

              3. how exactly can someone who just moved to the area make the statement that the (very lively in cleveland) food scene is dead just because there are no red mangos or pinkberrys? frankly those are overpriced and mediocre yunnie froyo chains, i don't really care for them myself -- i can understand the craving, but not the ridiculous and illogical overexaggeration.

                the thing in ohio is ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream, not froyo. oh and custard too. as i say i dont really care for the stuff anymore, but you will soon see any region in the state has their own regional ice cream specialties that as far as i have seen blow away anything in los angeles or any other state for that matter (with the possible exception of wisconsin). i'd suggest you start with honey hut in cleveland and explore your new state's frozen treat passions from there. otherwise the only place i can think of for your fruit gooped froyo jones would be swirls, fitting located in the crocker park lifestyle mall.