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Jul 22, 2009 08:01 AM

Los Andes, PVD

I went to Los Andes last week for a Connect Providence event. It's a Bolivian/Peruvian restaurant. They had set up a buffet of pork, saltenas, plantains, potatos with some sort of sauce, and ceviche for the event. Everything was phenomenal, I can't wait to go back to try the regular dinner items.

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  1. mmm, that sounds like fun. i went when they just first opened and it was delicious. guess it's time to check back in.

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      went for dinner tonight. had "piquante mixto", braised beef tongue and chicken leg with white rice, a potato, "chunos" (a very interesting kinda salad made with freeze dried potatoes, says wikipedia) and a rich peppery tomatoey sauce. very nicely balanced flavors and an enormous portion for @ 10 bucks. next time i will try the churrascos with chimmichurri. the young guys who own it are the best part of the ambiance, and also very nice!

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        Los Andes is my new favorite place! I love the picante mixto and the ceviche. They usually also have a skewered beef heart appetizer that is out of this world.
        It's currently byob but will remain so even after they get their liquor license soon.

        I was told the other day that on Wednesday the 29th there will be a review in the projo, so get there before that goes to print!

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          I wanted to thank all of you for the heads-up. I went by for dinner tonight, and it was indeed very very good. Unfortunately I didn't see any ceviche, but the picante mixto was great. They said they had gotten their liquor license approval, but didn't have the actual license yet, and it would be a while before they stock up -- they want to feature South American wines, and say they want to change the menu around a bit, offer more grilled beef varieties.

          The only thing is they close *very* early, like 8:00 pm most days, which is particularly odd for anyone who's been to South America and gone out for dinner at like 11:00 pm. But they said they do more of a lunch business, and hope that with the beer and wine they'll start drawing a later crowd, and close a bit later. I left at around 7:30, and there was one other person in the place.

          But the price is right, the people are nice, and the food is really good. I'll be back -- just maybe after the crush from the ProJo review dies down.

          For those who care, this is about two blocks west of Roger Williams Hospital, on the north side of Chalkstone.

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            the ceviche is offered as a special on random days... although if you pick up the take out menu it's listed

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              Thanks for the geographical info. This tells me right where it is. I wish more people in Rhode Island would use existing landmarks and compass directions.

        2. My husband and I stopped by there on a Tuesday night in June. It was pretty deserted at the time because it was still early. The wait staff were terrific, very attentive. We ordered a couple of appetizers, including the ceviche--which was fabulous. The waiter we had even explained to my husband that it was customary in Bolivia to drink the juice after eating all of the seafood, which he promptly did. We ordered the Parrillada a los Andes to share--a mixture of different grilled meats with the arroz con queso and yucca. It was delicious. I think we're going to try the beef tongue next time! Yum Yum!

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            update! FINALLY got a chance to bring my mom in tonight, have been meaning to as she is an avid meat eater. we had two very nice glasses of wine, a torrontes and a malbec. the beef heart skewers were an appetizer special so i promptly ordered that. of course my mom was squeamish, but she loved it! serious foodie food, always appreciated. she (the carnivore) ordered the sea bass special, a beautiful fillet of striper with a sweet potato puree (not cloyingly sweet at all) red onions and tomatoes and rice. i had the pique a lo macho, strips of sirloin with kielbasa (the menu says it's chorizo, but to me it's def kielbasa) with fresh onions, jalapenos and tomatoes over steak fries. huge portion, perfectly seasoned and i tried a peruvian beer with it that is not available anywhere else in the northeast. it was awesome. the owner mentioned they are having a wine dinner with 16 COURSES on monday, sadly i'll be out of town. can't wait to go back and try the ceviche!

          2. my wife and i have eaten at los andes about a dozen times now. the first time we went was (like the original poster) for the "connect providence" event and we were suitably impressed. we live in the neighborhood so they have become one of our go-to choices when we can't decide where else to go. the staff there is beyond friendly; one of the owners sat us last night and greeted us with a hand shake "hello my friends!" always suggest various wines and pour samples for us. we always start with the ceviche and then try a few new things. the ceviche is fantastic: super fresh, an abundance of shellfish, perfectly seasoned (to my taste). last night we also had the grilled beef hearts as a special, they were delicious. my entree (another special) was a whole lobster stuffed with paella. extremely impressive and delicious. after dinner they unexpectedly treated our party of four to an excellent flan.

            i'm always shocked that this place isn't busier. the food is uniformly great, the portions are large, the menu varied, and the prices low. admittedly there is not much for vegetarians or vegans on the menu (which prevents most of our friends from going) and the decor is pretty lackluster. they really have just a warm and generous vibe though, it's easy to forget your surroundings and imagine that these people are opening up their home to you. highest recomendation!