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Jul 22, 2009 07:54 AM

Kensington Wine Room - what's the scoop? [London]

I think this wine bar opened in April or so. I heard a rumour that they serve natural wines. Does anyone have the scoop? I did an online search, they have no website and the wines that Time Out mentions in their review are fairly industrial. I appreciate any insight.


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  1. I just found the website: but it doesn't have a wine list online. If anyone can still comment re. natural or really interesting small producer wines, please do.

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    1. re: PamG

      The large-ish vineyard near Dorking, Denbie's, is predicting this will be a prize-winning season because of the hot weather. I thought that was funny when I read it. We've only had one really hot week so far. Denbie's does some good wines and they are certainly local.

    2. no not especially they don't.

      its a bit ho hum, have you been to artisan & vine yet?

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      1. re: batfink23

        Hi batfink,

        You helped me out on natural wine lists earlier this year. I've been to Artisan & Vine, Terroirs and Green & Blue (plus La Trouvaille, which has some natural wines from south of France on their list). Is there anywhere else in London I'd like? I did manage to get the wine list from Kensignton Wine Rooms and, yes, it is ho hum!

        Let me know if you have other recs. Even if list isn't strictly natural - would love a small/traditional producer focused list with heirloom varieties from the Loire (I've been to RSV and like their list), Rhone, Burgundy, Jura and most regions of cool-climate Italy - just some examples....

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          keep in mind, I don't actually * like* natural wines, just a number of my friends sell the damned stuff! lol