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Jul 22, 2009 07:50 AM

Indian Food-Is Nirvana it?

I recently moved back to NOLA from NYC, and much to my dismay it seems the only Indian restaurant in the city itself is STILL Nirvana. I really do not like it. At all. All the curries taste the same to me, and there is a major OIL issue. Granted, I have not been there since about 2004, but I am still skeptical. Definitely possible that it has improved, so I just wanted to put the feelers out and ask the opinion of anyone who has dined there lately. I am an Indian food FREAK so I would also appreciate any reco's in the surrounding area.

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    the above for a list of Indian restaurants. I've had good food at the Taj. I also love the Indian dishes at Sara's in the Riverbend area. (they own Curry Corner as well).

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      Oh yeah! I love Sara's actually...had totally forgotten about it. Thanks!

    2. I had some good Indian at Tandoori Chicken. I guess that's technically not in the city, but in Metairie. Still I found it pretty good. I love Sara's too, though it's Indian fusion more than it is straight-up Indian.

      1. Taj Mahal off Metairie Road has better Indian than Nirvana, IMO.

        I recently read an article in the Times Pic about a new Indian place on the North Shore. They said it was very good. I remember it had a funny name. Can anybody help me?

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            That was it! Have you been? Is it good?

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              have not; don't get to the northshore that much for dining. that said, I love Gio's Villa Vancheri.

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                I have. I liked it; good paneer, curried goat and beef, and many of the usual stars of Indian cuisine.

                Figndate: you apparently missed eating at the India Palace, off Vets Hwy. One of my all time faves; I at there once a week usually. It did not survive Katrina; the operators, I'm told, packed up and moved to Silicon Valley and thereabouts to cater to the growing population of Indian software engineers seeking what to them is home cooking;

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                    Me too! Great place! Although, I think Gim Chee took it's place and it's got pretty good Korean and sushi.

                  2. re: underworld gourmet

                    India Palace was definitely the best!!! I miss it...but India 4 U is almost as good.

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                      The buffet at India 4 U has the best selection. My biggest complaint is that the buffet is intentionally underspiced and will always be so. (I spoke to the owner about it) But ordering off of the menu he will spice as you wish.
                      One the other hand Tandoori on Clearview from what I remember when on Canal St. was on the other end of the spice spectrum.
                      There was a cabbage dish on the buffet at India 4 U that I had never seen before and the owner says that he changes the buffet daily. I will definitely be back especially for the selection, but comparing buffets I like the spice level better at Nirvana.

                      Oh and one more thing- Atmosphere- Much friendlier at India 4 U. The owner and waiter were very friendly. Much more so than any of the other Indian restaurants, especially Nirvana.

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                  India 4 U is bar far my favorite place!!!

                    1. re: nomadchowwoman

                      India 4 U.
                      1703 N Causeway Blvd .

              2. I like Salt 'n'Pepper in the Quarter. It's a dive with a pretty small menu, but tasty nonetheless.

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                  For reasons of proximity, I will probably try here first...Thanks!

                2. I think Nirvana's food has improved, but I never get good service there.