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Jul 22, 2009 07:47 AM

dining before the bridge

I am travelling to Plymouth for a week with an 8 and 5 year old. Any suggestions for good, family friendly food before the bridge (we don't have to stay in Plymouth)? Also, can anyone tell me if the Stop n Shop or Shaw's have gotten any better in the last year or so?


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  1. Hi atlanticgirl. I'm not sure what bridge you mean. Are you coming off-Cape over the Sagamore?
    I gotta say, both stores haven't changed much. There is a Roche Brothers in Marshfield that may be on your way. I think it's exit 12 off of Route 3.

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    1. re: elgato

      Good question. Will be in Plymouth area so not looking to go over either the Sagamore or the Bourne.

    2. There is a great new grocery store in Plymouth. It is named The Market and is located at Pine Hills. Take exit 3 off Route 3 and follow the signs. Good prices, service, and all kinds of ready made food, deli, fish and meat market, bakery etc. I drive there from Bourne every week.

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      1. re: barb2007

        Thanks. sounds like a place I am looking for.

      2. If you 're looking for a place to eat, then I'd suggest Cabby Shack on the waterfront. They offer outside dining. Menu options include fried seafood (of course) and pretty good pizza.