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Jul 22, 2009 07:44 AM

Best Cheap Eats of Orlando

What are your favorite dishes/places to go for cheap eats (under $10.00 preferabbly below $5.00)?

I like banh mi, vietnamese subs from the shops in the Mills 50 district. they are all under $3.00 for about 10 inches of vietnamese cold cut, daikon, carrot, pork goodiness in a french baguette

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  1. In the same area, I like a good Pho from Pho Hoa (I actually prefer it there to the one at Pho 88). I too am a fan of the bahn mi from Ba Lae.

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      i like the special rice that they have at pho hoa in a clay pot. pretty good. ( kind of like the korean rice in pots bibimbop)

      also a note on spelling for vietnamese food its "banh" (the h after n )