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Jul 22, 2009 07:28 AM

John O'Groats opening in Encino?

I was driving down Ventura (right near Woodley) and could have sworn I saw a sign in a new building (the one with the Walgreens) for John O'Groats. Edit - just noticed on website that they are opening September/October.

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  1. I saw it too but like you I was driving so I couldn't take note.

    1. Yes, you did see it correctly. It's on the south side of Ventura, directly across the street from CPK at Woodley.

      Can anyone recommend some must-try dishes, once they open?

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        I especially love their biscuits and various pancakes. Only downside at breakfast is their drinkable but not great coffee. A few years ago I enjoyed their burger on a La Brea Bakery roll and their Fish & Chips but I haven't tried either of these lately. Others that I've gone with do like their omlettes and other egg dishes and my ex loved their Irish Oatmeal.

        John O'Groats
        10516 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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          I used to live walking distance to John O'Groats in West L.A. and ate there a few times. They are consistently descent. I don't feel that there dishes warrant their high pricing.

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            Hi... Recently went to the westside/original location for dinner ( dinners there are Wednesdays thru Saturday only, at present) with my family. The real stand-out winner at dinner seems to be the yankee pot roast; not quite fork tender, but pretty good (imagine the texture of carnitas, only as beef). The fried chicken was pretty good (hot & fresh) and cooked to order. And their meatloaf was good enough, but just a bit dry even with a dark and flavorsome gravy on the side. Dinner portions were large enough, and come with choice of two sides. The mashed taters were lumpy like homemade; the mac 'n cheese was only ok (think penne alfredo, basically); and roasted beets and roasted asparagus were tasty-if-pedestrian. The dinner vibe was the opposite of breakfast -- fewer patrons and way too pokey service. But i liked it all, anyway. Only complaint was the absence of a basic/inexpensive side-salad offering. Instead, i had to fork over $6.95 for a greek-style salad as a starter. I'd go back for dinner if i weren't in a hurry. But their breakfasts are more to my liking (except for the crowds, natch)...

          2. Supposed to be having their soft open this week.

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              When I drove by earlier this week, I saw people inside and a sign that said "Come on In, We are Open". So, I guess they are open :-)