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Jul 22, 2009 07:24 AM

East 50's Indian lunch

I'm planning to have lunch in the east 50s tomorrow. I usually go to Chola but I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I'm ready for a change if there is anything comparable or better out there.



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    1. I am a particular fan of Darbar Grill, mainly because of proximity. Even still, their lunch buffet is very good and offers a plethora of options from aloo tikki to dosas to Goan fish curry. They were doing tastings of regional Indian cuisines earlier this month, so I would check before going what they plan on offering for the lunch service.

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        I must try Darbar--it's just down the block from me. For Chola fans who don't want a buffet, Tadka (same owner) works from pretty much the same recipes. The real deal there is at dinner--main course, side dal or bean, side veg of the day, rice, naan, all for $15. For lunch you don't get a side veg (you do get dal), and the main course is smaller, and it's $9.95.

      2. I like the Agra. It's not in the 50's but close on Lex between 62nd and 63rd upstairs. They have a good lunch special.

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          just walked by it is so weird looking and scary! but . . . it's good? I'm curious since I end up in the area occasionally; any god recs? the prices are a little high but is it worth it?

        2. Tadka is very good, but tiny. Brick Lane is also now on the same East 53d street. Again small. Chola really is one of the best around. However, Bombay Bistro recently opened on East 52d, between Third and Lex. They have a very good buffet according to many. I haven't yet tried it yet but will have to do so.

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            I tried Brick Lane once. Couldn't compare to Tadka.