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Oct 19, 2004 01:25 PM

is Javan any good?

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the commercials for Javan make the food look great (when isn't this so). was wondering if anyone's been & what they thought.

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  1. I believe that it is hands down the best persian cuisine in the Westside. Better than Shamshiri, better than Sharzahd, better than Darya. Their service is better and their food is better. Like every other Persian restaurant though, they give you a mountain of rice, ask for half rice and half salad.

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      yes checkout the tachin a kind of rice pie with a crusty crust and filled with chicken.

    2. I agree with the "best in the Westide" assessment and it's not very expensive. I am a fan of their lubia polo. You get one beef kabob, and a seasoned rice dish that has green beans and bits of filet mixed in.

      Even their bar is cheap - I think it was $6 for a Grey Goose on the rocks.


      1. Javan is good. In my opinion its Kababs are even better than Shahrzad. But maybe the best food there is its Celery stew with rice. Fesenjan is good too but Shahrzad's is better on that.

        1. i'm no expert in persian cuisine, but javan's is consistent in food quality from visit to visit. i used to live a few blocks away and dropped by this place once every couple of weeks. prices will range from $8-15/entree and the service is polite and unintrusive. value factor is also upped considering the "white table cloth" decor and manners. the only downside is the white electric baby grand piano complete with dorky pianist, which in my opinion is quite hokey. but that's just my opinion. =)

          here were my "standards" when dining at javan's:

          zereshk polo - seasoned baked dark meat chicken served with sweet and sour currant-saffron basmati rice (sometimes the chicken can be overstewed though. the rice is a pleasant departure from the usual savory flavor)

          marinated white fish kabob with basmati rice (well seasoned and cooked white fish (not sure what kind). just be careful of the small bones lurking in the chunks.)

          fesenjan - sauteed walnuts in pomengranate sauce, served with chicken and side of basmati rice (my favorite, favorite, favorite! that pomegranate sauce is very different from what my palate is accustomed to. more of a stew. unfortunately, it's only available on certain days - and i always seemed to come on the wrong day.)

          bademjan - fried and cooked eggplant with lamb shank in tomato sauce and side of basmati rice (this was my standby. the lamb shank is so tender and succulent and when combined with the eggplant stew... yum.)

          javan's kebobs are good but they tend to leave my mouth dry since they don't have an accompanying sauce, just a huge plate of fragrant rice. i do enjoy the unleavened bread they serve at the beginning. i have no idea if i'm doing it right, but i'll spread some butter on it and then take a piece of raw, white onion and wrap it all up and bite of pieces. creamy, starchy, and pungent onion all in one. definitely not for the meek.

          i recommend you go and check it out. they're open late on weekdays and it's always full of persian families that appear to be enjoying themselves. just pray the lounge pianist isn't in full swing when you arrive... =)

          1. Ditto the above poster. We like it very much. DH loves the fesenjan here. Much more than at Shamashiri. I do the chicken kabob ususally and always a side of tadiq with the celery stew on top. Yum!