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Jul 22, 2009 07:05 AM

Fishmonger Needed-Leslieville

I am looking for fresh fish; specifically, salmon. Kristapsons does great smoked stuff, but there seems to be nothing else nearby but mediocre grocery store seafood counters. Is St Lawrence Market the only nearby choice for fresh fish? Anything worthwile on the Danforth?

TY for any recs!

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  1. Bill's Lobster has a variety of fresh fish and other seafood. You can find it's location and contact info here:

    There is a place called Ocean Treasures at Danforth and Carlaw but if you are looking for salmon, there's no need to travel that far. I pass by OT every day but I rarely by fish there, mainly becuase I like shopping at Bill's. Info on OT is here:

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      I second the Bill's tip - they don't have a huge selection, but what i've bought from there has always been fresh and fairly priced.

    2. Bill's all the way. They call me when they get cool stuff in, even - like, "We're unpacking Wild Irish Trout right now, come by!" I love the place.