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Jul 22, 2009 07:04 AM

Good Sichuan Food in Berlin

finally, my quest to find an adequate substitute for my favorite sichuan haunt in PA may have come to a successful end!

perhaps my previous virginity regarding sichuan food has kept me from discovering the chili-haven that is tian fu on uhlandstrasse – after all, it’s been around for over a decade, and it took me this long to find it.

i’ve gone three times now (more than any other resto this summer), and i’ll most definitely be back – for their delicious cucumber salad with chili oil, their stir-fried water spinach, the ma po tofu, or any of the braised dishes brimming with my latest serious addiction: the sichuan peppercorn. its unique floral aroma and slightly numbing qualities, making it possible to ingest large numbers of very spicy chili peppers predominant in many sichuan dishes, has become a flavor i not only crave, but can conjure in my mouth days later. i suppose there are unhealthier addictions.

i urge anyone looking for good sichuan food in berlin – a city where cantonese restaurants still make up the vast majority – to visit tian fu right now! sure, you have to insist they not be shy about the desired spiciness. but that remains the dilemma of any caucasian – that is, until you become a regular. i dare consider myself one by now. (reservations highly recommended, even weekdays).

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  1. I don't know if it's Sichuan or not, but I like Peking Ente on Voss. Str. They have a variety of dim sum, pork in hoisin sauce with Peking doilies, beef in black pepper sauce and the best hot and sour soup I've found in Germany. Their food is excellent. They have tables outside now too and there is a pay parking lot along the side (I think it's Wilhelmstr.)

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      I've heard good stuff about Peking Ente, too -- especially that you can get Peking duck without pre-ordering it. But they don't specialize in Sichuan food, which is my absolute favorite. Do try Tian Fu if you have the chance.