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Jul 22, 2009 06:51 AM

Sushi in St. Louis?

Hello. We are done with bar food, pizza and steaks. Craving something a little more on the healthy side. Any thoughts on good sushi in St. Louis? I'm into quality not quantity (great fresh fish and don't care if it's a little pricey). The concierge recommended Wasabi or the Drunken Fish (we're staying downtown so that's preferable) but I've found they don't always tend to provide the best sushi recs. We're also working a little Southwest of downtown (near Shrewsberry) so something out that way is fine as well. Appreciate any thoughts from fellow sushi lovers.

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  1. From downtown, you can walk thru the new tunnel to Lumiere Place. They have a sushi restaurant called Asia. I had a nice sushi lunch there with a soundtrack provided by the slotmachines in the main casino.

    However, I have eaten at both Wasabi downtown and at The Drunken Fish (it was their Central West End location, not their Laclede's Landing location), and I thought they were nice too.

    1. Anyone else with a view? I looked on Yelp and Wasabi gets mixed reviews (as does Kamparai). Not expecting Nobu in NY, but also don't want to be regretting the decision for sushi at about 3am this morning in my hotel room. Thanks

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        Richard 16 is the res expert probably on Sushi in St. Louis. Here is his profile if you want to PM him.

        There is a St. Louis Kosher Sushi Club site with some oler info on it. Looks like it has not been updated in a while but has alot of info.
        There is nothing in the South Shrewsbrry area that I am aware of.
        Sekisui on Grand has been good in the past-

        I live out in the County and mainly go out there.


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          Thanks FOTD. I recall your name as think you gave me a good Italian rec in some neighborhood the last time I was in town (for some reason, St. Louis seems to be my frequent destination for work this year)

      2. I like Washabi but my favorite place is Chi, just west of downtown in the Central West End. ( Another good place in Central West End is Sub Zero( I would steer clear from the Drunken Fish though!

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          Thanks for the thoughts and will keep Chi and Sub Zero on my list for next time. We hit Wasabi last night since walkable and agree with most posts - relatively good but not great.

        2. MIZU!

          Living downtown I would much rather choose Mizu over Wasabi and Asia (Lumineire).
          Its on Washington avenue next to The Dubliner and Mosiac. Do a sake bomb for me!

          1. i am not sure what your transportation situation is, but in my humble opinion, if you want to have the best sushi St. Louis has to offer, you need to head out of the city and hit up either:

            I Love Mr. Sushi in University City (Even without the original chef it is still one of the best)


            Yoshi's in Chesterfield (the original chef at I Love Mr. Sushi
            )1637 Clarkson Rd
            Chesterfield, MO 63017
            (636) 536-7778

            You'd have to travel teeny bit, but in my opinion, it's worth it.
            Neither of these choices are really reachable without a car though (assuming long bus rides are not an option to be considered).

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            1. re: Balisong

              Not sure if you know or not. Yoshi's is no longer Yoshi's. Yoshi went back to Japan evidently.
              I don't remember the new name. (real unusual name).

              Not quite as sublime as it used to be IMO.

              I also believe the long time assistant (guy) and the female who did the tempura and stuff have moved on. I just ran into them a week or so ago at the Thai Church chow in North County.
              They told me they are doing sushi at a Thai place on Olive In Creve Coeur by The Racketman.
              Unsure of the name.


              1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                The Thai place you are referring to is Thai Nivas.

                  1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

                    Yeah, I've been to Thai Nivas quite a few times. For my wife and I, it is our go-to Thai place (however, I'm no expert on Thai food and the restaurant's convenient location is also a big factor to the frequency of our visits) as I've enjoyed everything I've tried. When we were in last, they mentioned that they were going to start serving sushi, but we have not been back to give it a try.