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Best store-bought BBQ sauce?

Trying to do a weekend BBQ but our PC brand smokey BBQ sauce was way too sweet. Anybody has any recommendations for a preferably nonspicy brand?

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  1. Horne's is my favourite. For some reason it's hard to find -- used to be able to get it at Bruno's on Bayview and Dominion. I doctor it up with lots of garlic and hot sauce. A caveat -- I don't like really smokey/molasses/mesquite BBQ sauces -- if mesquite's what you like, then Horne's probably isn't for you. The PC Chicken and Ribs sauce has as similar flavour to Horne's.

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      If you are having trouble finding Horne's BBQ Sauce, I've seen it recently at both Metro and Loblaws.

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        Really??? Thanks for the tip!! Which Loblaws?

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          The Forest Hill Loblaws (at Bathurst & St. Clair). It was in the Kosher aisle and a very good price- $2.49. It cost $1 more at Metro! It's funny, I often grocery shop with CHers in mind and I thought of you when I saw this product!

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            Thanks so much!! I am going over to stock up.

    2. The Carolina sauce at B.R.'s is medium spice, not smoky. I bought a 4 litre bottle at about $15 to get through the summer. I need another soon, so I'll make the trek for a meal and BBQ supplies.

      1. Yes? Hi! If you can find the Grumpy's that is the best but most of the times you have to order from the America. Also Vashi likes to use the PC Bar-Bee-Q sauces like the Smoke the Stampede and the Habanero Techeela

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          I know its not the best BBQ sauce ever, but in a pinch Miss Dianas is pretty good and you can usually get it at any chain store, I like the smokehouse kind.

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            I really like Stubb's. Comes form Stubb's BBQ restaurant in Austin Texas. I get it at Pusateri's and haven't seen it anywhere else. Great smokey flavor.


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              I also love Stubb's and have found it at Longo's. I've gotten lazy and always use it when making ribs.

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              I like the sweetness of Diana's (Original flavour) but also use PC. Gourmet/Tournament.....I'm not a fan of smoke flavour in any way shape or form but sometimes for a spicier sauce I add a bit of Mr. Goudas Hot Sauce. I prefer a 'wet' sauce over a 'dry rub' on just about everthing from Ribs to Chicken to Wings.

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                What is the difference between their "gourmet" and "tournament"?

                I have wondered.

                We have the "tournament" one and it's not bad.

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                  I think the "Tournament" one is a bit zippier...the "Gourmet" is more mellow. While I prefer Dianna's Original because overall, I want sweet not too spicy and for sure NOT smokey..it fits the bill....I simply do not like 'smoke-flavouring' on or in anything...I will eat 'southern bar b que (when we are in Savannah) but it is an act of 'love' for my husband that forces the issue!! LOL!!

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                    Nothing wrong with Diana sauce, and its amazing on BBQ'ed wings as well

                    I also like the sweet sauces

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                      Diana sauce is terrible and besides, it's too thin to be a good BBQ sauce.

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              I totally agree. Bullseye sauce is surprisingly really good for being a pretty generic brand. It is not sweet at all and has some nice smokiness to it.

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                Cook's Illustrated often says that Bull's-Eye is the best store bought BBQ sauce.


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                I second that! I mopped it on thinly sliced beef ribs cooked over lump charcoal and everyone couldn't get enough of the stuff. I frickin' only got 3 slices >=(.

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                  It has too much added smoke for my taste. Since your link goes to Kraft, a chemical copy of smoke is entirely possible.

                2. While not a starter base, I would suggest Bufalo Chipotle as something to give a good accent to a base sauce. Now available at Loblaws, or if they have another personality change, Perola's.

                  1. I really enjoy WOW Ol' Smokey BBQ Sauce, made in Ontario by the Pickle Guy Company. It's not as sweet as others on the market and has more complex flavours. www.thepickleguy.com

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                      If you have the opportunity, try the Q-Gourmet cooking sauces developed by Chef Ray Bear. All three (Smokey Barbeque, Smokey Mango and Passion Fruit Mustard Grill Marinade) are amazing. You can see by this link that even the White House has taken a liking to the Smokey Barbeque. I've been told that Mark McEwen carries them at his new store.


                    2. Have you tried cutting it with a bit of AC vinegar??


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                        I was thinking about that, since we have 5 different kinds of vinegar on hand. But I don't find the sauce itself too appetizing so yeah, in a pinch I will have to do that.

                        Thanks for all the great responses!

                      2. VIttorios Honey Garlic...its yummy...not tooo sweet...but it is sweet...fairly real ingredient list....

                        1. I have two favorites: Memories of Dad from Loblaws (hope that stuff is still around) and Tony Roma's sauces. I can find the TR at Costco occasionally and I always get it. For lamb, I really like L&L brown sauce.


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                            What is L&L Brown Sauce?

                            The only brown sauce I know is Espagnol, from Escoffier, and it takes two or three days to prepare.

                            1. re: jayt90

                              L & L Grill Sauce is the farthest thing from sauce espagnole; Escoffier would roll in his grave... ;-)

                              The sauce is a thick brown-coloured grilling sauce/marinade that's sweet and tangy and is sold mostly in kosher grocers and kosher-style butcher shops such as Nortown. The only web presence it seems to have is on local kosher-certification websites.

                              1. re: Tatai

                                I actually usually buy it at Pusiteri (sorry about the spelling). I was at a bbq that was catered by Pusiteri's and the lamb chops were marinated in the L&L sauce and they were A.MAZE.ING

                                1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                                  Memories of Dad is still in Loblaws. I'll try it.

                                  I have Tony Roma's, but prefer freshly made Buster Rhino's, in the big $15 container. Both good. My favorite PC BBQ sauce is Memories of Montego, but it doesn't last long. (When you spread the spicy, herby sauce on your entree, a bottle is soon used up.)
                                  I always have to buy two or three bottles at a time.

                                  I'll look for L&L next time I slum my way into Pusateri.

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                                  I was just at Nortown and took a look a the L & L sauce (there are two varieties). The full name is London & Langtree, marketed through Gourmet Trading: http://www.gourmettrading.com/london&... Still almost no web presence, and no indication of where the product is made.

                            2. I always wondered if that Dad's memories sauce was any good... Looks like I'll have to try it

                              1. Hi All,

                                I agree with bulls-eye . . .and I also enjoy KC Masterpiece . . . It's from the states but on occasion I do see it up here...


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                                  KC Masterpiece is my standard, although it's a bit too sweet, so it's best used as base.

                                  Another somewhat odd option is Grace's jerk BBQ sauce. It's a cross between jerk sauce and standard BBQ sauce. Oddly, it works pretty well.

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                                    I usually make my own sauces and marinades because 1. I like to know what is it in it and 2. I don't like too much garlic or sweetness.
                                    However recently I was in a pinch and had no time to make a bbq sauce ( I do not like Diana's sauce, btw) and so I bought Ted Reader's Beerlicious sauce for ribs. I saw him cooking on tv on some fishing show and it looked pretty darn good.
                                    Turned out the Beerlicious sauce was excellent! When it was on special at the grocery store.....it sold out completely! His tomato -ketchup sauce is really good on burgers!

                                    1. re: evansl

                                      Where is KC Masterpiece available in Toronto?

                                    2. re: snackboy

                                      Where do you find KC Masterpiece up here?

                                      1. re: CKN

                                        I don't think they sell it in Canada..best bet is to hit Buffalo for KC Masterpiece or order online and have it shipped to you.

                                        1. re: CKN

                                          I bought it at Costco last Spring; they may still have it.

                                          1. re: jayt90

                                            Are you sure it was KC Masterpiece? I remember seeing a bottle of BBQ sauce there that at first glance I thought was KC Masterpiece, but as it turns out it was something else.

                                            1. re: CKN

                                              I set this aside after one use in May. The artificial smoke flavor ruined the molasses sauce.

                                              On re-examine it, the label says 'Kansas City type BBQ Sauce', made by E.D. Smith, Winona, Ontario. It goes on to say
                                              "Buy local, Eat Global!"

                                              I have to say,I will toss this one, and hope the real K.C. Masterpiece arrives here sometime, or better yet, a good recipe would do.

                                          2. re: CKN

                                            I bought KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce at Wal-Mart on Highway 7 and Jane St a few months ago.

                                        2. Try Cattleboyz BBQ sauce, in costco in the summer, other than that longos and sobeys. I find it hard to burn on the grill compared to other tomatoe based sauces

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                                            They closed it out in August at $3 (I got 4 ).

                                          2. Has anyone tried Kissimmee Red Sauce?